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    crystal shrimp and easycarbo

    hi all i use easycarbo at max dose (along with presurised co2) for algae control reasons i had read that the easycarbo/shrimp problem thing is a myth but am not so sure now i have lost three shrimp out of about 25 (all females as it happens) (one last week and two today) they are only in...
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    snails grouping at the waterline

    Hi there it was suggested to me that its bad water quality and lo and behold it is, (if you belive tests kits) I did a couple of tests and I am having a mini cycle .1ppm ammonia, .25ppm nitrite i gave my filter a good clean the other day as it was slowing and must have triggered it (i didnt...
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    snails grouping at the waterline

    hi all i have tiny ramshorns in my tank for the last few days there have been 100 or so packed along the waterline at the top corner of the tank whats the deal with this? the tank has about 30ppm nitrate at the moment with presurissed co2, any thougths rgds 4