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  1. Kristoph91

    Silly Question ..

    I'm sorry for being an idiot.. But why do people actually put stuff like dead/dried leaves in their tanks. I keep seeing oak leaves and alder cones etc. Also, how are the almond and catappa leaves good for shrimp? Does it have something to do with the Ph ? Thanks
  2. Kristoph91

    Best way to break up bogwood?

    I have a large piece of driftwood that I bought in France donkeys years ago. Its nearly a metre tall, and it's about 25cm wide at the base. About 10-15cm thick too. I don't want one huge piece, but I do want to break it up to use in other tanks. What do you guys recommend? Axe? Smashing it over...
  3. Kristoph91

    Garden wire to attach anubias to wood?

    I got some green flexible garden wire for training plants today in wilko. It has a green coating and is silver and flexible on the inside. Is this safe for use in the aquarium, for shrimp etc ? Thanks guys Kris