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  1. YzemaN

    River Sand?

    Well, yes to both provided it's not chemically poluted in any way, but I would boil both before adding to any tank. Childrens play sand and tap water might be a safer option, though.
  2. YzemaN

    Floran - very cheap alternative to Aquasoil?

    Hi Antoni Could this be of any use: http://www.worldbonsaiguide.com/bulgaria.htm As far as I remember from James' guide, akadama is used a lot in bonsai. They might be able to point you in the right direction for a local supplier? In these times this thread could turn out to be a lifesaver for...
  3. YzemaN

    Black substrate for Corys (and plants!)

    If you start dosing Ecel your Vallis will definitely be a goner. They don't like liquid carbon at all. Same goes for Elodea, Eleocharis and some Rotala species.
  4. YzemaN

    substrate life span

    :shock: Your substrate is older than some people on this forum! Do you celebrate birthdays and such? :lol: