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    De Stroom

    Nice tank Felix. Its good to see another Dental Technician here. I am one as well !
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    Tropiquarium 88

    Above all I think the really healthy plants show what patience with a low tech setup can do
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    "Nature's Envy" Chilli Rasbora Pics

    By paste I mean shred/chop some fissidens really fine and then 'paint' the result onto rocks where you want it to grow and then you will have little bits of fissidens growing directly from the rock. Gives a gread mossy look. This only works if you are using the Dry Start Method on your tank though
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    Rescape (How to avoid mess and death).

    I think the large amazon and anubias on the left are a bit too overpowering. Also needs some more foreground plants on the left
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    "Nature's Envy" Chilli Rasbora Pics

    Hardscape looks awesome for this tank. Id suggest getting the UP inline CO2 atomizer for your tank. Pick the size after getting your filter so that you know what the hose size is. For plants Id suggest going for a sort of Iwagumi with hairgrass (or gloss) covering most of the bare substrate...
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    Lanzarote Lava Rock Kebabscape!!

    I think if the base was a little wider and there were smaller bits of rock strewn about it would look kickass
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    Kris's 30L - Moving soon, new camera

    Re: Giants Causeway "Lavagumi" 30L Lol sorry to have meesed up your thread I guess I was just in one of those random moods. Rock looks great although some larger chunks towards the back would have made it better
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    Kris's 30L - Moving soon, new camera

    Re: Giants Causeway "Lavagumi" 30L I was having fun criticizing you just like you asked :P Didnt know it had to be about your tank. Just for reference its a quote from TES Oblivion that the guards keep yelling at you
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    Kris's 30L - Moving soon, new camera

    Re: Giants Causeway "Lavagumi" 30L You move like a pregnant cow
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    Schruz's Works - Wabi Kusa, Emersed setups, Planted tanks

    Re: Schruz's Works Any tips for growing UG emmersed ? Im growing some but its going very slowly, new leaves seem to be growing quite small
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    Lets start at the beginning...

    How are you preventing it from floating ?
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    Sounds good. I think your best bet would be to get several long shards of rock and cement them together only in the middle so the joints just look like cracks from the outside. Leave a depression on the top and you can fill it with soil and plant in that. Looking forward to seeing what you come...
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    Luis what happened to the tank with the bonsai you were going to set up ?
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    Shaun's 180L Rio - First Scape

    Re: Shaun's 180L Rio - First Aquascape What are you weighing the wood down with ?
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    FishBeasts 500 Ltr "Forests Edge" Video added

    Re: FishBeasts 500 Ltr "Forests Edge" (Blood, sweat & tears) Silly question but when you were changing the water did you add anything to take care of the chlorine ?
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    "cubo verde" 60 litre

    What is CO2 used for in welding ?
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    Vision 180- Nature style Riverbank

    Re: Nicks Vission 180. New Set-up As mentioned due to the lack of pressurised CO2 cut down on the light and supplement the DIY by dosing liquid carbon.
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    Deserted island journal

    Re: Desert island journal Do you really want a large tank or are you aiming for around 120L to be 'safe' ? I would say a good size would be 15-18 inches length and breadth with 10-12 inches height. Cement : It is usually tank safe once fully cured. People use it often to make DIY tank...
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    Deserted island journal

    Re: Desert island journal This is going to be really great if you can pull it off. I really think you should go for a tall tank rather than what you have planned and fashion the rockwork using some cement and seiryu stone. That way you can have a good base and also fashion a cup/pot on top...
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    Patzu's 15 Gallon Tank

    Great ! Somehow I think it would look even better with a lighter coloured background. Sky blue colour perhaps ?
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    Bigmatt's 27l Shrimp nano "Obelisk"

    You could still add a few odd chips in it here and there
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    NeilW's 30cm Iwagumi - 'Mono'

    Re: NeilW's 30cm nano - "Mono" [Hardscaped 29/04/10] Maybe you could reduce the number of the rounded pebbles, I feel that they are overpowering the shattered dragon stone
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    Island Pico

    I would also suggest moving the island closer to the filter outlet and having the underwater planted part on the opposite side. That way you could have a larger submerged area without too much flow so you can keep it planted.
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    Island Pico

    What you could do for the underwater part is extend the island on only one side underwater. The side opposite to the filter obviously. Line the sides with small rocks or large gravel and have your soil in the middle of the two borders. That way the soil wont get too disturbed by the water flow.
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    Newbie 45L Aquarium

    Love the scattered piles of crushed rock, gravel. I think you should leave a bit of that bare rather than covering it up with plants
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    Journal 2 . Finaly, 4ft 238l CLOSEING down today 1st May

    Re: Journal 2 . Finaly, 4ft 238l NEED ADVICE! 20TH NOV No problem. Rotala rotundifolia looks great when nicely pruned. I always find that the bottom less branchy bits look a bit bare after a while so use some hardcape to cover it up
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    Journal 2 . Finaly, 4ft 238l CLOSEING down today 1st May

    Re: Journal 2 . Finaly, 4ft 238l NEED ADVICE! 20TH NOV How about Rotala wallichi ? It comes in both red and green varieties and creates a very 'soft' efect when used in the background if you get what Im saying. You could use both or only one variety to get different effects or use them with...
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    2.7 litre Pico challenge

    Awesome looking tanks. Ive sen these vases before and I think they also come in 8" and 10" sizes as well. For filtration maybe you could get an Eden 501 type filter and split it between the two tanks ? You could use airline tubing for the inlet and outlet and you wouldnt need a spraybar or...
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    250G High Tech Tank

    Lol for a second I thought that the crate was your stand !!
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    30cm Cube journal

    Whenever I see pics of filter shrimp I always think 'Jazz Hands !!'
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    My discus tank

    I love the bunches of rotala and the little dark spots in between. Its a nice effect ! Great scape overall and the Discus look nice and healthy
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    lljdma06's 8g nano 2009! Final tank shots

    Re: lljdma06's New Nano Dutch! Moss musings and Fish choices I had an idea for the moss wall. Since it has so many holes in it already, instead of tying he moss like you would to rocks as you mentioned earlier you could just poke a few strands into it. This way you would have most of the...