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  1. glenn

    My litlle 250L garden.

    yeah nice tank, can you give us a plant list?
  2. glenn

    Long-Term Low Maintenance 120cmx60x60 Tank (new video on page 6)

    Re: Low Maintenance 120cmx60x60 Tank wow nice tank and good journal, the plants do look alot more healthy since 2008. and your photography has improved to, nice photos of the anubias!
  3. glenn

    'patience is a virtue'

    that blyax rely sets the scape of and gives more depth, well done! :)
  4. glenn

    My first iwagumi 60x30x30cm

    wow congrats on your UG carpet, many find it troublesome (me included) and sorry about it uprooting, i guess it needs trimming regulary with sutch good growth :roll: (lucky you :) )
  5. glenn

    Tonys 'Triassic Hollow' 420L - Now FOR SALE !

    Re: Tonsers 420L "Triassic Hollow" - Day4 what back ground are you going to be putting on it tony? (or are you leaving it bare) i think a frosted back ground would look awsome on this! :thumbup:
  6. glenn

    A Shady Glen - The Recovery - Photographs

    Re: Aqua Journal May 2010 - A Shady Glen looking good :thumbup: at this stage i would have been tempted to stick a humidifier in there, a pool of water and some poision dart frogs...its could look so nice as a viv :mrgreen:
  7. glenn

    113em Cigarrettes Sans Dormir

    im shure lots of people will be intrested in how you do it. being able to make you own rimless, braceless tank (looking at your link it looks around 200L) at such a large size is an amazing skill. like you say propose it to a mod and it could well become a sticky. :mrgreen:
  8. glenn

    113em Cigarrettes Sans Dormir

    the tank looks great. it must be good to know you have actualy made, scaped, planted and maintained your own tank with such a good result. and +1 for explaining the process of making your own tank (prehaps make a tutorial thread-it could end up as a sticky) and could you post some specs of the...
  9. glenn

    My first tank "Learning curve"

    thats a very nice first layout! :mrgreen: :thumbup:
  10. glenn

    85L ryuboku - The harmonic centre

    your photography is very nice, and i like the change you ahve made to the tank :thumbup:
  11. glenn

    Comp_Nov09: sams opti pico

    how did you make the broken glass is to perfect squares? did you score it with a glass blade then snap it? its very nice!
  12. glenn

    Time for a new scape (The End)

    Re: Time for a new scape looking good :mrgreen: i think this will look amazing once it matures :thumbup:
  13. glenn

    Glenns 15L Nano Iwagumi Journal (lots of pics)

    ok, thanks for the advice. i will see if i like it or not and go from there :mrgreen:
  14. glenn

    Glenns 15L Nano Iwagumi Journal (lots of pics)

    fastest rescape ever 'ey? what do you think...(the smallest stone is different btw)
  15. glenn

    Glenns 15L Nano Iwagumi Journal (lots of pics)

    thanks for the replies :thumbup: about the hardscape, i would apose the smaller rocks towards the bigger one but when i tryed it the opposit sides of the rock that you would see IMO look quite bad...but im giving it a go now and will hopfully get pics up tonight :roll: thanks for the...
  16. glenn

    Comp_Nov09:Small Wonder

    hi andy, did you use the media provided with the mignon 60 becuause i have the mignon 150 and the ammount of media provided is poor and i dont no if it would benifit if i just stuffed it with floss or if that would dammage it and the way it works.
  17. glenn

    Glenns 15L Nano Iwagumi Journal (lots of pics)

    hello, this is my first propper fully commited planted tank,(i have kept plants but they were just thrown in) i was tired of waiting to get the stuff i need for my 180L so in the mean time i thought i will set up a nano and i had most of the stuff needed for it any way :mrgreen: specs tank-...
  18. glenn

    Nicks 4x2x2

    i think your lighting is fine, i work it out at about 100 gallons with 216watts it a little over 2wpg. and 2wpg of t5 is a good standard and IMO capable, however it is quite deep :eh: do you have reflectors?
  19. glenn

    Nicks 4x2x2

    WOW! im glad you finaly started this journal after you telling me about this and reading about you mentioning it :thumbup: good luck with it all and one to watch for me... :mrgreen:
  20. glenn

    60 cm - Old fashioned Dutch style scape

    Re: 4 hills - Dutch styled scape :lol: :lol: :lol: :clap: :clap: :clap: -haha i like that! :thumbup:
  21. glenn

    60 cm - Old fashioned Dutch style scape

    Re: 4 hills - Dutch styled scape wow! :shock: you certainly know how to grow plants emersed, and your frogs looks so amazing and colourfull! :mrgreen: and your old paludarium is very nice! good luck with you new set up! and keep us posted on how you get on :clap: welcome to the forum also...
  22. glenn

    Rise of the Mossoliths

    wow the p.helferi is stunning, did you add any more from the origional pics or have you just taken cuttings and replanted because there is so much more now. congrats on a very successful and beautifull tank! :thumbup:
  23. glenn

    Nano Tropica Aquacube 20x20x20cm [Now planted!]

    cool cool, thanks! btw, in the end i decided on the Azoo Mignon 150, and for £8 i think its a bragain, so i should be hitting 10x turnover in my 15l but i dont know how good it is for flow with the waterfall effect :roll: i have also got 2k of mini landscape rock, some easycarbo, Unipac Black...
  24. glenn

    Nano Tropica Aquacube 20x20x20cm [Now planted!]

    hi Stu, the tank is looking great. i was wondering how you find the azoo 60 HOB im thinking of getting one for my 15L, but i will probably get the Azoo Mignon 150, and sory if i didnt see but what do you use for heating? i was looking at one of them mini heater mat that stick to the inside of...
  25. glenn

    Tropic_John's Lo-Tech 10US Gallon

    yes, thats an excelent article by Ed with plenty of links. :mrgreen:
  26. glenn

    Tropic_John's Lo-Tech 10US Gallon

    :text-welcomewave: welcome to the forum! :wave: :wave: :wave: you will find lots of helpful articles on the forum, a few under 'Articles' on the bar at the top of the page, and many others as stickys atached to their appropriate section. good luck :thumbup: :thumbup:
  27. glenn

    Storm Lamp

    thats so cool! that bit of hardscape is they perfect shape for that 'vase' :lol: :lol: well done :clap: :clap: :clap:
  28. glenn

    saintly's "savannah dreaming"

    DO IT! :clap: :clap: :clap:
  29. glenn

    Osaka 260l First setup

    what are you doing about ferts and co2? what lights do you have? more specs please :thumbup: and let us know how you find the 24" collection as there are mixed views on plants alive. good luck with it all. :D
  30. glenn

    Bettas tank! =)

    looks good, but i prefered it how it was befor with the Microsorum windelov. and i had a betta that was exactly the same shape and colour, very nice. :thumbup:
  31. glenn

    Jagz`s Planted Discus tank

    this is a very cool idea. hope it goes well for you and keep us updated, oh and let us now how you find the fx5? :thumbup:
  32. glenn

    Rise of the Mossoliths

    its very nice, i rely like the structure of it and the height you have acheived with the big stones on top of the substrate. i also like the small stones at the base of the mound with the graded gravel and the Pogostemon Helferi inbetween them. :thumbup: good job!
  33. glenn

    320l Discus tank, becoming planted !

    how do you have that left had peice of wood held up? looking good now that blyax forest! has had a trim lol
  34. glenn

    RBT89's Aquarium Journal

    yes the branded canister set ups are very pricy, they might be good to buy at first just for the reg+solnoid ect then to just replace with a FE.(if the reg thread fits :roll: ) you can get a 2kg FE of dan crawford for £24 delivered.http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=2204 you can get...
  35. glenn

    RBT89's Aquarium Journal

    yes, if you dont dose ferts and have no co2 enrichemnt. ok now its going to be a high tec :lol: :lol: here is a good article that will tell you nearly everything you need to know about a high tec tank (asuming you are going down the high tec route) and has other articles linked to it with in...
  36. glenn

    RBT89's Aquarium Journal

  37. glenn

    RBT89's Aquarium Journal

    wont even 2.5 WPG and no co2 enrichemnt cause algae? for Co2 you can always use easy-carbo as a substitute for a carbon source but will be costly for a tank so big. but then dosent easy-carbo cause Wendtii to melt or is that another plant. you didnt mention ferts also, but if its...
  38. glenn

    The Cryptarium

    Re: Marks Crypt Tank - Osaka 260L these are rely nice photos. good job. :thumbup:
  39. glenn

    AdAndrews' 35l nano

    i rely like the hardscape, very different to all the other nanos and when i see the rock i immediately think of the Alps then i think of the Evian water logo :mrgreen:. but thats just my head :lol: :lol: cant wait to see it planted.
  40. glenn

    Aqua One Cube Nano

    cool :shock: micro tank maby :?: :lol: :lol:
  41. glenn

    My rio 240 planted discus tank

    Re: Rio 240,hc emmersed setup hi steve, its been excelent watching the progression of your tank...and i cant belive the growth rate of the blyxa :shock: this has to be my favorite stage of your tank, i love the size of the Blyxa and i think it suits the discus rely well :wink: keep up the...
  42. glenn

    Aaron's 216l journal!

    hi Aron, liking the journal so far :D and i rely like the harscape, and i cant wait to see it planted, just wondering where you got your TTex1200 from at such a good price? and you got a bargain for the lights aswell :lol:
  43. glenn

    Silver Lining - Alex's 96l (Planted)

    Re: Alex's 96l low light Iwagumi what brand is the aquascaping tools kit and where did you get it from?
  44. glenn

    'A Simple Plain' a post project aquajournal by S Lancashire

    great tank...and a good journal with the reviws i like it, are you shure the 'striped anglefish' are not altum angelfish? :)
  45. glenn

    Dan's "Dagobah"

    Re: 60/30 first attempt "Dagobah" KORALIA nanno - 900 L/H
  46. glenn

    My Corner Tank - Venezia 190 - Jul 2007 to Jan 2012

    Re: My Corner Tank - Venezia 190 great tank! the mosses look so full on the wood-i think you have acheived the tree scape you were looking for and "The moss cascading from it's arms as it sits timelessly ageing"-yeah you nailed that one! :lol:
  47. glenn

    TBro's first tank

    what fish is that i cant wuite make it out...looks like some sort of kilifish maby :lol:
  48. glenn

    The tank I could not resist in buying

    when will you be selling your previous tank on ebay?
  49. glenn

    saintly's "Prairie Lands"

    Re: saintly's 120cm iwagumi so what your virdict of the new olliver knott substrate?
  50. glenn

    saintly's "Prairie Lands"

    Re: saintly's 120cm iwagumi hi, its been great watching the progression of your tank...and if your still stuck for a name, when i saw the hard scape lay out on its own with the 3 rocks 'rising sun' came to my mind right away. :lol: dont know if this is a goofy name but its what i think of when...
  51. glenn

    'In Reverie' My Rio 180 Journal

    also, does any one know if an FX5 would fit in to one of these cabinets with out the parting inbetween the shelvs...they are prety much the same size as the EX1200 arnt they? :roll: and what does "sub-par co2" mean?
  52. glenn

    'In Reverie' My Rio 180 Journal

    hi steven, i have the exact same tank as you and am close to starting mine up. Icurrently have twin t8's (came with tank) and i want to upgrade to t5's and after that i thought there would be no other way to get more wpg but have since seen you Arcadia Twin T5's and im wondering how you atach...