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  1. sussex_cichlids

    Hi, I am the other new guy

    Hi Call Welcome to the community Sorry to hear about the marine tank would be my worst nightmare and about only thing that's putting me off with the cost of marine equipment and livestock still being tad expensive, got any pictures of you're marine tank setup. Your list of equipment is...
  2. sussex_cichlids


    Hi danny41 Welcome to the community looking forward to seeing your journal as your tank comes together
  3. sussex_cichlids


    Hi danmullan Welcome to the community Lovely tank looking forward to seeing you latest project
  4. sussex_cichlids


    Hi Seagull & Welcome Your not from Brighton by any chance are you
  5. sussex_cichlids


    Hi stev I wouldn't off ebay i herd nothing but bad things about everyone that has every brought plants from ebay I would get a bunch from http://www.plantsalive.co.uk/ they have some great collections to suit all budgets and reasonable prices and perfect for a newbie your get bit of everything...
  6. sussex_cichlids


    Hi Stev5 Welcome to the community wealth of information & inspiration here Always good place to start is the journals see what others have created Look forward to helping you out if i can Many Thanks SC
  7. sussex_cichlids


    Welcome Tim Great community here some of the worlds best aquascapers i think great place to learn and get inspiration
  8. sussex_cichlids

    Hi from Tunbridge Wells

    Vinegar excellent at removing it thick stuff may need bit of a scrap first but Ive just polished an old marine tank up to be used as a quarantine tank looks like new now hope this helps
  9. sussex_cichlids

    Hi from Tunbridge Wells

    Hi Katfish I'm only down the road from you and Antipofish is local too Be looking forward to following a journal on your build
  10. sussex_cichlids

    From across the pond.

    Hi jjvsk and welcome if you like iwagumi you like to read this full of great information and inspiration Written by the master of iwagumi Takashi Amano Study Of Iwagumi
  11. sussex_cichlids

    Goodmorning !

    Afternoon Blue77 Welcome to forum
  12. sussex_cichlids

    Wey aye man

    Welcome Porksword
  13. sussex_cichlids

    Hello there...

    Welcome Dave plenty of inspiration here mate sure you find what your after
  14. sussex_cichlids

    ello from the biffster in the northeast

    If your going to plug another forum don't post it as public message you may find your in breach of this forums terms of use if you want to share that information i suggest you keep it off this forum E.g Private Email Only say this because it not far on the hard work the UKAPS do to provide...
  15. sussex_cichlids

    ello from the biffster in the northeast

    Hi biffster :wave: Hope you find the forum as informative as i have the members here really know there stuff Welcome to the community
  16. sussex_cichlids

    Hello all

    Welcome to the community
  17. sussex_cichlids

    Hi. Another newbie

    Welcome to ukaps
  18. sussex_cichlids

    Hi From Sussex

    Hi all I started using the forum after meeting LondonDragon @ Aquatics Live and getting some great advice from him via PM Been aquascaping for about 6 years keeping fish for about 12 years Fav Plant: Aponogeton crispus Since join the forum I've found a whole new wealth of information and...