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  1. mattyc

    Bookcase Shelf Tank

    Hi all, It has been a very long time since I last posted on the forum however I do go through the project logs every few weeks. I have two tanks at the moment a 20L and a 170L, I have been informed by the wife (boss) that she doesn't want the 170L in the house because it takes up too much...
  2. mattyc

    170L Rescape

    Hi All, For anyone who is interested i have rescaped my tank, the old setup was looking a mess for many reasons but this Thread is just to show what i have been up to. First the spec, Tank: 170L opti-white tank, Filter: Eheim Pro e3 700 up to 1850l/h CO2: pressurized system Light: Arcadia...
  3. mattyc

    Mattyc's 160L opti-white ''tranquil hills''(update 19-05-10)

    hello guys i have biten the bullet and takem ny cichlids to my LFS so i am going to plant my now blank 3ft canvas. specs are, light: Arcadia 900mm luminair Filter 1: TeraTec EX1200 1200l/h set up for mechanical filteration Filter 2: Aqua one Aqurist 500 500l/h ste up for bio filteration...
  4. mattyc

    New tank idea - help needed

    any low carpeting plant will be higher maintance. you should be ok to just cap your existing substrate and it should have some of its nutrients still, you could boost it with tropica root tabs if you wanted. i love crypts they are easy to grow and look good dont grow too large try something...
  5. mattyc

    My 60cm (Path Runs Through)

    my 60cm tank is looking a bit of a mess now and it is time to rescape it. i have been looking around for some inspiration and came across this. i think i am going to do a bit of a vally thing with verry heavy planting either side. i want to use some ritch green and red plants. the spec of the...
  6. mattyc

    My latest aquarium

    I just thaught i would post up some pictures of my latest aquarium. I have tryed to apply aquascaping to a plantless fish tank and this is what i came up with. hope you like it. Tank spec, Aquariums ltd rimless bracless opti-white aquarium 36x18x18 in Aquariums ltd cabinet in oak with black...
  7. mattyc

    Mattyc's desktop Nano (no name as yet)

    Ok i think it is time i put up my nano tank journal, Equiptment, 20L dennerle Nano tank Dennerle nano filter Arcadia 11W arcpod Aqua one 25W heater at 22C The substrate system used is the one which came in the tank with a few modifications along the way in the way of TPN+ tabs and Unipac...
  8. mattyc

    Matts 60L Jungle Edge (update 27/09/09)

    This scape has been taken down and a new scape is now in this tank, http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=9138 i have decided to put a journal togeather of my first real try at a planted tank. I have had the tank for 6 months and neaver realy did a scape, it had lots of plants in it...