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  1. mattyc

    Snail Removal

    what is the best dip to use for removing the snails? Cheers
  2. mattyc

    Snail Removal

    Does anyone know a good way to get rid of snails. I am doing a new scape and am reusing some of the plants form my old sacpe which was getting a bit over run with snails. I will nuke the tank with CO2 when i first get it going do you think that this will be enough to get rid of the snails...
  3. mattyc

    What the hell is this?

    will pass on the rest of the bottle to my mum who has 2 german sheperd dogs and a cat!! might even have some in her cubbord.
  4. mattyc

    What the hell is this?

    i have read it was wondering what is said on the bottle so i can just go and ask for a specific thing, you said you got some funny looks!! Edit: found it further on sorry, didnt see there were 4 pages> :oops:
  5. mattyc

    What the hell is this?

    my shrimp stock dosnt seem to be expanding like it used to so they might be getting picked off by these or maby my monster amanos! is there a good treatment avaliable in the uk that wont kill the shrimp, i might move the shrimp to my other tank but that means putting my blue rams in with these...
  6. mattyc

    What the hell is this?

    i have just found a load of these things in my tank, what is it and are they bad? do they hang onto fish (i am moveing some to my other tank and dont want to transfer these too!!)? how do i get rid of them? regards Matt
  7. mattyc

    shrimp food

    the shrimp have feeding claws so they dont need the fine stuff, in my experiance any way they just pick buts off the sides of the pice of food.
  8. mattyc

    shrimp food

    All shrimp, shrimp food/algae wafers. ;) linky, go nuts!! http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/shrimp- ... 7_296.html
  9. mattyc

    where NOT to buy shrimp............

    I say amano's too.
  10. mattyc

    amanos blue?

    here are some pics, they wouldnt stay still hence the blury images so i apologise for the quality.
  11. mattyc

    how many shrimp?

    cherrys will go with amanos with no problems, have a look at this chart http://www.theshrimpfarm.com/articles/d ... ity-chart/ Cherries are normaly sold on here just put something in the wanted section (london dragon sells them sometimes) and amanos apear in shops from time to time, the young...
  12. mattyc

    how many shrimp?

    more of the same to bring in a fresh bloodline, crs and crc can go togeather, amanos can go with either of these also but are quite large and you shouldn't realy bother with them. i started with 20 cherries i now have around 100 and i have sold some i have added a few from lfs when i find them.
  13. mattyc

    amanos blue?

    I have just got some what I think are amanos from my lfs (they called them algae shrimp) and they look quite blue. Could they be amanos all the markings are very similar but the blue seems strange. I will put a picture up later
  14. mattyc

    how many shrimp?

    I would say to start with 15 and as they start breeding move a few to another tank and mix up the bloodlines a little.
  15. mattyc

    is my shrimp pregnant?

    she is defo female but isnt up the duff yet!! :D
  16. mattyc

    Acclimatising Shrimp

    i just threw them in and they are fine!! :P
  17. mattyc

    What are these???

    I have these in my tank they dont bother the shrimp or the fish. they live under my hc along with tiny shrimp. i have harlequins and ottos in my tank with them and thredfin rainbows and ottos in my other tank and i have no problems with my shrimp population of CRS or Cherries in either tank.
  18. mattyc

    Introducing snails

    i have one in my tank and i just threw it in. just make sure it is the right way up!!
  19. mattyc

    10L Planted Low-Tech Shrimp Tank.. HELP! :)

    a 'proper' substraight is worth its cost, i use ADA aqua soil and dont think i will use anything else!!
  20. mattyc

    Wine Red shrimp £1200 each???!!!

    arent these just a cross breed of CRS and CBS?! :crazy:
  21. mattyc


    what are apple snails like?
  22. mattyc

    Shrimp/filter question

    the location on the filter intake makes a big diffrence, i moved my intake behind the plants and now it sucks up all the srimp. it was over my hc and hardly sucked up any atall.
  23. mattyc


    I am after some snails for my tanks (not pest snails) i like the look of the spined nerite snails. i would rather not have them go crazy breeding but if they grow quite fast i can just sell them. they need to be safe with my shrimp also. anyone got any ideas of what i could put in my tankand...
  24. mattyc

    Where am I going wrong?

    my cherries hold them for about 3 weeks and my HC is full of tiny shrimp (they get a bit mad when i have a trim!!) :D if your water is good enough for them to live they should breed happliy. if you are concerned get some more of LondonDragon. that is where my shrimp are from and now i have an...
  25. mattyc

    CRS and PH

    do you run CO2 injection because this will pull the PH down, bog wood also helps bring the ph down,a bit more info on your set up will help you get an answer. i have to use an RO filter because i have verry soft acidic water about 4-5 ph which means there are a lot of heavy metals in the water...