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  1. TLH

    Juwel t5 HO

    You quite often see a lifetime of 15,000 hours against T5 tubes which would be just over 4 years @ 10hrs per day.
  2. TLH

    T5HO does not degrade as much as we thought?

    I read something about this a while ago. I wasn't aware that T5HO had to be on a programmed start though. If that's true then good news. There are 3 types of electronic ballast though not just the 2 you listed. The types are Instant Start, Rapid Start and Programmed Start. I'm just gonna quote...
  3. TLH

    Giesemann Aquablue for plants?

    I'd looked at that thread already, very informative. I'd looked at ordering at Lampspecs but for the couple of bulbs I needed it would have cost me more with delivery and their small order charge than I paid for the 2 Geisemanns that I got at Aquatics Online. I actually thought they were pretty...
  4. TLH

    Giesemann Aquablue for plants?

    Just messing with my lights now I've started setting up the new tank. I have a D&D Razor and it came with Aquablues in it. I was reading on their site that the Aquablue can be combined with Aqua Flora tubes for freshwater, tropical fish and planted aquaria. I just wondered if anyone uses the...
  5. TLH

    T5 phillips lights.

    T8 is 25mm and T5's are 16mm diameter. The pins are also a different configuration at the ends so won't fit in the end caps of another size.