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    Recommend a good Gravel Vac for planted aquariums

    Ok so for a long time now I have been trying to find a good gravel vac - either DIY or store bought for getting all the fine mulm out of the top layer of substrate and in between plants in my tank and have been unsuccessful. Basically I need something with low gentle flow that just gets the fine...
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    Braceless tank question

    Since my tank size is pretty much fixed for the foreseeable future and a rescape is long overdue, I am making a new tank out of extra clear glass. The current tank is 30x18x16 inches LBH made out of 8mm glass and is rimless and braceless. The new tank will be 30x18x18 also with 8mm extra clear...
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    Few general questions - LEDs Excel CEC

    1] LEDs : When you look at LED emitters, sometimes they give a range for eg 5000-8000k, does this mean that depending on your luck, the LED light will have a colour somewhere in this range ? Or does it mean you can adjust the colour temp by changing the voltage or something ? 2] Excel/Easycarbo...
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    Sheet betwwen tank and stand necessary ?

    So Im setting up a new tank soon in the new house and this time since we were geting new furniture made I got the carpenter to make me an ADA style stand for the tank. So far I have been putting my tanks on cabinets and desks and I have been putting polystyrene sheets underneath them to even out...