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  1. Kristoph91

    Mounting TMC Tile over 15L Pico?

    Hi guys, So currently I've got a TMC Aquaray Mini LED 400 over my TMC Microhabitat 15. Its producing great results, but on such a small aquarium the mount supplied with it is really making it look cluttered. I want to suspend the tile about 3 inches from the surface. First off: - Will...
  2. Kristoph91

    TMC Microhabitat 15 - Too Much Light?

    Hi Guys, I've had a TMC Microhabitat 15L (http://www.seapets.co.uk/products/aquarium-supplies/aquariums/glass-aquariums/microhabitat-15-nano-reef-aquarium.htmlpreviously a marine setup) in storage for a while. I've dug it out and plan to start it up as a planted invert pico next week. Just...
  3. Kristoph91

    DIY Shop Fluorescent Tubes

    Hi guys, just wondering if I should buy new bulbs for my luminaire from a pet shop, or are the DIY shops the same ? Are T5's readily available in DIY shops? Thanks
  4. Kristoph91

    5W PL over 5.5L Pico ?

    The make of the tank is "Fish 'r' Fun" and its model its FRF-1919, not very good i know, but it was cheap and it fits in my room at Uni extremely comfortably. Do you think with this lighting i can grow glosso in this successfully? I have this tank about 4 months, and there's just java moss and...
  5. Kristoph91

    30L Aquael Shrimp Set Lighting

    I want to grow carpet plants and other plants that require high light, but the 11w light that comes with the tank isn't sufficient. would i be better getting another of the 11w "Decolight" supplied with the tank itself - or just scrapping that light and getting something like this ? -...