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  1. awtong

    A Chocolate Puddle -

    I have been away for a while and just caught back up with this journal. Such a masterpiece congratulations! My 450l Vision is now in my new house in its new position looking really unloved. Looking at this has helped me to start considering the re-scape, after the move everything just got...
  2. awtong

    New look ukaps forum and website

    Damn things look shiny around here! I go AWOL for a while and then see this ........ WOW!
  3. awtong

    Puntius denisonii in open top tank

    I have had one jump out before when doing some tank maintenance. I am really careful to check where my 3 are before I do any work on the tank and wait for them to move to the opposite end. As said above they can startle very easily but mine are less jumpy since I added the Congo tetra's...
  4. awtong

    Fish Tank Kings!

    I also saw this ad. Thought it looked interesting. Andy
  5. awtong

    P@H/Coopet Nano cube

    Maybe the wife's store hasn't had them discontinued yet then and are selling off the remainder of the stock! Sounds like if you want one then get them while you still can! Surprises me somewhat as they seemed really popular? Andy
  6. awtong

    P@H/Coopet Nano cube

    I find this interesting as I asked my wife yesterday who works for PAH and she says they haven't been discontinued. She says for their store the large one seems to have better supply and the smaller one comes and goes a bit more often. Andy
  7. awtong

    Moving house and moving tank - Tips needed

    I will do you a swap I am moving and will have a Juwel Vision 450l to move! I am low tech so don't have CO2 etc to worry about. I think I am going to bag all my fish and put them in poly boxes. I will not feed them for a couple of days to try and stop them fouling their bag water quite as...
  8. awtong

    Cat litter and Bog wood

    Do you have a water butt that you could soak the wood in? Andy
  9. awtong

    Suggestions in a box! Pleco species please

    Chocolate zebra L270 (reasonably priced) Leopard Frog L134 (getting very expensive) The Gold nugget gets much bigger than 6" though? I also think that the Flash looks much better when younger and tends to lose it's colouring when getting a bit older.
  10. awtong

    New member from South Wales

    Welcome. Andy
  11. awtong

    450L Vision adventure

    Cheers for the offer I might take you up on that at some point. Did you order a box from Tom Barr (Plantbrain)? I got this from Eboeagles and Tom. I also have some rooty burl bits to make plec caves. Andy
  12. awtong

    450L Vision adventure

    :lol: :D Andy
  13. awtong

    Old pics (well upto date)

    What a gallery :jawdrop Andy
  14. awtong

    Deficiancy in Nymphoides sp Taiwan?

    Are they being predated by any livestock in the tank? Andy
  15. awtong

    450L Vision adventure

    Thanks that is interesting to know. I have now tried twice to grow moss and failed both times. Maybe Java would be an option to try in the future. Andy
  16. awtong

    450L Vision adventure

    Been a while since I put up an update. The tank is pretty much the same apart from the addition of some red root floaters from Big Tom. Current view of the tank from my sofa A couple of fish pics Really like these yellow tail congo's and they are now colouring up lovely It is almost...
  17. awtong

    259L bookcase rebirth

    Since you took the big rock down this tank is now much more to my personal taste and you have softened it very nicely with the stems and moss. Can't wait to see what you do with the right hand side, I am waiting with anticipation. Andy
  18. awtong

    Transparent Tank - the end

    Re: Transparent Tank - puffers Well done with cutting the beak. I am not sure I would have skill or nerve to do that. I have enough trouble with trimming the Guinea pigs claws. Andy
  19. awtong

    Going for Gold the Olympics 2012.

    It was pretty amazing to watch it unfold! Andy
  20. awtong

    Ollie's 120x45x45: Update 04/08/12

    Re: Ollie's 120x45x45: New Pics Strong orange on those. Beautiful fish. I might be jelous if I didn't have a tank full of them already :wink: How big are they? Andy
  21. awtong

    Watts per gallon - Reflected or not

    iQuatics do Juwel specification tubes. I am unsure if they are cheaper or not but might be worth giving them a look. I haven't bought tubes from them only the reflectors for my Juwel lights. Service I received was top notch. Andy
  22. awtong

    Watts per gallon - Reflected or not

    HI lite is just the name given to Juwel branded HO T5's, so HI and HO mean the same thing in this case. Andy
  23. awtong

    Advice on Moving Filter & Fish to New Tank

    Yep just a bottle with the neck cut off and inverted. I think I removed the very narrow part of the neck due to the size of the fish I was trapping. I added a string to it so I could just pull it up out of the tank too. I managed to catch my blue phantom in the bottle trap. Needless to say...
  24. awtong

    Advice on Moving Filter & Fish to New Tank

    I personally would use at least half the old water maybe more as the fish are used to the conditions. When I did my last tank swap I used around 300l old tank water and 100 - 150 treated tap water. The settling period depends on how well you fill the tank and whether you make it really murky...
  25. awtong

    Rob's 300L Perigean Beach

    Re: Rob's 300L (to be named)(week 1 photos) Hi Rob, L134's are beautiful (I have 5) but there are a few issues you may face. Firstly they are now very expensive to buy the Maidenhead stores near me now want £75 for a small juvenile so you would need to source them carefully. Secondly mine...
  26. awtong

    Help - Cloudy Water /Fish Breathing Heavy

    Sounds like your quick action has remedied the situation. Andy
  27. awtong

    Tom's Bucket O' Mud - The End

    Re: Tom's Bucket O' Mud - All change! Will you rename the scape now? Craggy tree maybe? Such a different concept and I also cannot wait to see it progress. Andy
  28. awtong

    Rob's 300L Perigean Beach

    Re: Rob's 300L (to be named) Exciting times indeed and as people have already said great wood placement. Bet you can't wait to get planting and filling! Andy
  29. awtong

    Surface hoovers?

    As Kris says but use a smaller diameter hose to get a lower syphon volume. I would have thought this would still be enough to remove most detritus and mulm and bits of plant and slower at removing the water. Andy
  30. awtong

    Sick Gourami - Help!

    Putting it in the freezer is not the same as putting it in rapidly cooling water then in my opinion plus in the freezer it will be struggling to breathe for a short while causing more stress. If you severe the spinal cord / brain region at the back of the head with a sharp blade I don't find it...
  31. awtong

    Sick Gourami - Help!

    This is a problem usually specific to one fish so the others should be ok. Some people use a clove oil mix but I am not sure of the specifics. Other ways would be a sharp blade to severe the spinal cord or perhaps use some kind of priest like you would on trout. Freezing is not humane it...
  32. awtong

    Sick Gourami - Help!

    That looks like classic dropsy to me I am very sad to say. The fish will have multiple organ failure and issues. If it was my fish I would euthanise it but feel free to get other opinions. Andy
  33. awtong

    PFK Article On Soil Substrate Planted Tanks

    I would say the number of planted articles and features has been steadily growing. I have a huge interest in fish and plants so I enjoy reading it. Plus the wife buys it for me from work and gets 20% discount! Andy
  34. awtong

    Sick Gourami - Help!

    Yep usually the kidney's or liver. Andy
  35. awtong

    Sick Gourami - Help!

    Do the scales have a "pine cone" appearance on the body. Fluid retention in tissues can indicate dropsy and scales falling off or looking odd on the body are another symptom. The unfortunate thing with Dropsy is once noticed physically it has often damaged the internal organs and treatments...
  36. awtong

    In praise of Oto's

    :lol: I thought I should specify as the melon variety was specified in the other post. Maybe I should try other pears....... Andy
  37. awtong

    >>Cabinet FINALLY together :)<< 'In my Dreams, I see Palettes of Green'

    Re: Ryuoh lagoon - (Semi-Planted) Really like the layout you have created. Just to be different I am not watching the mini hairgrass :lol: Really like the contrast between the sand, the amazonia and the rocks. The planting enhances this brilliantly. Andy
  38. awtong

    In praise of Oto's

    My plec's also adore melon. They also like a ripe pear I used conference. Your Otto's might also like it! Andy
  39. awtong

    Rob's 300L Perigean Beach

    Re: Rob's 300L (to be named) Nice piece of Manzi. I have a few from Eboeagles for my rescape too. I hopefully have a box winging its way from the USA too! Getting itchy feet and this journal isn't helping all that much! Andy
  40. awtong

    Tom's Bucket O' Mud - The End

    Re: Tom's Bucket O' Mud - Stumpy It's quite unusual to see females at all so you did quite well. When I kept my group I only managed to get 1 female and the LFS couldn't get anymore. They have strong colour too. Really nice. Andy
  41. awtong

    Rain Water - Who uses it in their tanks

    You have to consider that the first flush system may cost the same as an RO unit but the rainwater system won't cost anything to run like an RO unit and no waste water! Andy
  42. awtong

    450L Vision adventure

    Yep I have some of the wood from the same seller that you got yours for your new project, plus I have more on the way! can't wait!
  43. awtong

    450L Vision adventure

    Quick update on this. The tank is still the same for now with a good amount of growth on the Apongeton, but I am collecting some bits for a major re-scape. More details to be released soon. I have taken a couple of short videos that I hope to get time to attempt to edit and upload if my...
  44. awtong

    Low maintenance Jungle set up

    Crypt-tastic! Absolutely brilliant. Andy
  45. awtong

    Schooling fish

    Agree with this totally. Both are very nice fish but often mixed in dealers tanks. I found my Espei got a little bigger than the Hengli. Andy
  46. awtong

    Discovery Channel (Week 2 - New video and update)

    Re: Discovery Channel I bet you can't wait to get plants and livestock in. Andy
  47. awtong

    hi everybody

    Welcome. Masses of info on this site so read, read, read! Andy
  48. awtong

    Rob's 300L Perigean Beach

    Re: Rob's 300L (to be named) I have also bought some nice manzy from Eboeagles and it aarrived today. I am collecting bits for a re-scape. Really like your other tank so can't wait for this one to get going. I personally prefer scapes with wood so if the plants look as good as your other one...
  49. awtong

    Aquagreen (the end)

    Re: Aquagreen Nice little video, very calming to watch. I shot a couple of vids of my Congo's at the weekend but couldn't get it to upload due to my connection playing up. I hope to get it up soon. This tank looks so good considering how long it has been set up. :thumbup: Andy
  50. awtong

    using oak

    Sounds good and they will patrol every inch of it once they get bigger! Look forward to pics etc. Will you be starting a journal? Andy
  51. awtong

    Oldie Newbie

    :wave: Start a journal its a great way to see your progress with the tanks. Andy
  52. awtong

    Barb Island. its all over.

    Re: 90x75x45 optiwhite. Barb Island Those checkers look great, I have not seen ones with colour like that for a long time. A nice touch and something a bit different. Andy
  53. awtong

    Floresta na Palma da mao. - Forest in the palm of your hand

    Re: Floresta na Palma da mao. - Forest in the palm of your h The scale of this scape is either amazing or you have a really big hand! :shock: Andy
  54. awtong

    Trigon 190 'Crypt Corner' (PFK featured)

    Re: Trigon 190 'Crypt Corner' That is one sweet looking tank. The attention to detail on the lids and cabinets is amazing. Andy
  55. awtong

    A Chocolate Puddle -

    Re: A Chocolate Puddle Now with Chocolates+new friends pg 13 The blue on the Licorice gourami's fins looks great such strong colour already. I love "the meeting of the shrimp" photo :lol: Andy
  56. awtong

    Another newbie has a go: Dartmoor tor-inspired (maybe!)

    That little 7l looks fab. Is it tricky to work in with the top smaller than the bottom footprint. Andy
  57. awtong

    120 x 55 x 55cm 'On the sea shore'

    Re: 120 x 55 x 55cm 'On the sea shore' Glad you are feeling better and can't wait to see the scape! Andy
  58. awtong

    James3200s New Altum... :) Tank - ALTUMS IN

    Re: James3200s New Altum... :) Tank L200's and Altums you may be creating my favorite fish list ever! I unfortunately lost my L200 and didn't get another one as I have an L128, 5 x L134's and 2 x L270's already. Love the style can't wait till you get some of these fish in there. Pics are a...
  59. awtong

    The forgotten nano... taiwan bee's vanished.

    Re: The forgotten nano Not literally though. maybe I should say fantastic?! :roll: Andy
  60. awtong

    [IWAGUMI] My First Iwagumi - Juwel Rio 125 (THE END)

    Some beautiful crypts in that tank and they look great with the hardscape. Andy
  61. awtong

    The forgotten nano... taiwan bee's vanished.

    Re: The forgotten nano Cracking little tank. Andy
  62. awtong

    My first ever aquarium. Juwel Rio 180l

    If you add directly to the new water in buckets or containers then you can dose the exact amount for each volume so you would have been correct. If you dose and fill direct to the tank then you need to dose the full tank volume. This way you use more conditioner but you are covered for the...
  63. awtong

    Novice Trigon 190 from absolute blank canvas...

    I am low tech and I have been using crypt parva as a kind of carpet. Its a lovely little crypt and I am crypto-holic. You will see it in some of my terrible journal pics. I believe AE and tropica have pics on their websites too. It spreads via little white root runners under my sand...
  64. awtong

    Barb Island. its all over.

    Re: 90x75x45 optiwhite. new plan..?? What about glass bloodfins? Not too large, shoal quite well and have a nice flash of red on the tail? Subtle due to the clear body which would make the tail pop against the green plants. Or red phantoms, or black ruby barbs? Andy
  65. awtong

    My first ever aquarium. Juwel Rio 180l

    Did you fill the tank and add the aquasafe directly to it? If so you need to add enough of a dose for the whole tank volume not just the water you added back due to dilution. I thought I would check as yu said you were new to the hobby. If you added enough to treat the whle tank please ignore...
  66. awtong

    Carls 4ft of glory

    What a great video and a nice looking tank. The plant you were not sure of the name down the front left looks a bit like and Echinodorus Ozelot green to me. They have a slightly mottled leaf. Have a look on the tropica site as they have good pics of the plants. Your wendtii green at the...
  67. awtong

    Carls 4ft of glory

    What a great video and a nice looking tank. The plant you were not sure of the name down the front left looks a bit like and Echinodorus Ozelot green to me. They have a slightly mottled leaf. Have a look on the tropica site as they have good pics of the plants. Your wendtii green at the...
  68. awtong

    Novice Trigon 190 from absolute blank canvas...

    What about some nice hair grass? Tank is coming along lovely. Andy
  69. awtong

    here goes nuttin folks....

    What sort of plecs are you considering? I have a bit of an obsession with them and have no more room so I need to see what others are doing with them now :lol: Andy
  70. awtong

    New Tank

    This seems very complicated compared to photobucket. One click and paste into my thread and it is done. I really like the progression of the tank. The last image looks great with the contrast of the fish against the green. Andy
  71. awtong

    using oak

    This sounds great I love Denisonii's but they require serious swimming room! What size of tank are you planning? Once they get big and get the green and gold colouration they are hard to beat. I have 3 and the biggest is now pushing over 10cm. Below is a pic of one of my slightly smaller...
  72. awtong

    Time when lights switch on

    Mine are on at 16.00 and off at 10.00. This means I always get to see the tank no matter when I am working. I keep the photo period fairly short as I am low tech and have 2 54W T5's with reflectors. Andy
  73. awtong

    New DIY Cabinets

    Really nice work they look amazing :thumbup: Andy
  74. awtong

    One piece of wood where to position it

    pic 2 was my favorite initial image and now I like the last one where it is a touch off centre. Andy
  75. awtong

    Juwel 180 - heater and media questions

    Jewel filters work from the top down on the sponge side as the fine poly pad is on the top for debris removal and the pump draws from the second box and pushes the water back out into the tank. Andy
  76. awtong

    Ollie's 120x45x45: Update 04/08/12

    Re: Ollie's 120x45x45: New Pics I have found that the colours are a bit more vibrant when some ladies are around. might be worth considering a few at a later date if you have room. My females have now gone a nice green colour now they are mature and are quite nice in a subtle way. My biggest...
  77. awtong

    Barb Island. its all over.

    Re: 90x75x45 optiwhite. :lol:
  78. awtong

    Barb Island. its all over.

    Re: 90x75x45 optiwhite. update. yes mate, hands off :lol: 10 are mine, little smaller than i would have liked but beggars cant be choosers. Ive been trying to haggle a deal on the licorice for weeks now as he only has 4 that have been there months in need of a good home, but he wont budge...
  79. awtong

    Borderline rip down - advice needed please!

    When I seeded my new Fx5 from the juwel internal I chopped up all 3 blue sponges in a bucket of tank water (one coarse and two fine sponges) and put them into my bottom bio media basket with my ceramic rings and a few spare ones in with the pre filter. After a couple of month's I took it out...
  80. awtong

    Substrate Database?

    :clap: Andy
  81. awtong

    Just a bit of daft!

    I am definitely a Crypto collector. Andy
  82. awtong

    Ollie's 120x45x45: Update 04/08/12

    Re: Ollie's 120x45x45: New Pics My Bullosa have lost a lot of their leaf texture as they have matured and yours look quite similar to the ones I have and the ones I bought at the weekend. I have just bought some Petchii and the leaves are green and pointed. I have a feeling these will change...
  83. awtong

    Barb Island. its all over.

    Re: 90x75x45 optiwhite. update. Have you picked these up yet Iain? Are you getting them from MA Cambridge? I noticed at the weekend they had some in and they were looking lovely. They also had some nice Licorice and Sparkling gourami in as well. Andy
  84. awtong

    Mirrors and increasing lighting

    I think I prefer the green/blue. Andy
  85. awtong

    450L Vision adventure

    liking your congo tetras Thanks for the compliment. I am loving the start of your new set up. When you eventually get your Altum's I will be green with envy! Andy
  86. awtong

    Ollie's 120x45x45: Update 04/08/12

    Re: Ollie's 120x45x45: New Pics What are the crypt's Ollie? Are they Bullosa at the top and Petchii lower down by the path? Crypt's look great BTW. Andy
  87. awtong

    Polyester's 180 L Rio Journal [update 21/07/12 new pics]

    Re: Polyester's 180 L Rio Journal Nice plan and execution Polyester. Tank is a great start. I know you said you love Congo's but with their size and activity this tank will not be long enough in my opinion. One to watch. Andy
  88. awtong

    Aquagreen (the end)

    Re: Aquagreen (Planted page 2) Love these little fish. Saw some looking nice at Maidenhead Cambridge today. They look great when they catch the light and get a violet topside. Andy
  89. awtong

    Cost of plastic tubing?

    How much is it at the LFS? You wouldn't have the postage cost then, or are they crazy expensive? Andy
  90. awtong

    450L Vision adventure

    So after my 2nd visit to one of my LFS this weekend I returned with another 2x crypt diversen, 2 x crypt bullosa, 2 x crypt Legroi, and 1 x good size pot of crypt petchi that I split into two to carry out my rescape ideas. I moved out from the back my Crypt wendtii tropica and my crypt undulata...
  91. awtong

    450L Vision adventure

    Thanks easer those were from Scotsdales. Get somethingfishy to have a look at the yellow tail congo's at Maidenhead Cambridge. They aren't as deep bodied but when mature get a nice blue flash and a lovely yellow tail. They are a little more subtle. Thanks Ian I got this pic as the wife...
  92. awtong

    Aquagreen (the end)

    Re: Aquagreen (Planted page 2) I was thinking along the lines of Ady with the Tetra's but I was thinking red phantoms. Andy
  93. awtong

    450L Vision adventure

    Thanks Polyester. How big is your new tank have you got a journal up yet? Congo's need a lot of space they are really active and the males love to spar with each other. Congo's often get over looked in LFS stock tanks as they are young and don't have much colour or the long fin and tail...
  94. awtong

    450L Vision adventure

    I have added 2 cryptocoryne diversen today in front of the filter inlet. I have also decided to move a couple of Anubias and replace them with some crypts to help the area in front of the wood flow better. Pic below shows the Anubias and they are attached to a piece of slate. Livestock...
  95. awtong

    Substrate Database?

    This would be very useful for reference. I only have a sand substrate at the moment so can't help but for future tank set up this would be invaluable. Andy
  96. awtong

    Planted Filter

    Pretty sure Darrell (DW1305) was on about this type of filter. Might be worth sending him a PM. Andy
  97. awtong

    15 UK applicants (IAPLC)

    Good luck to the UK entrants. Maybe one day I will be at a level to enter ... Andy
  98. awtong

    James3200s New Altum... :) Tank - ALTUMS IN

    Re: James3200s New Altum... :) Tank +1 to the above. Where are you sourcing your fish? Andy
  99. awtong

    Carls 4ft of glory

    I personally have a fairly deep sand bed and find stagnation not to be a problem. I get no build up of gas to speak of. As long as you poke the sand to check for gas build up during maintenance then you will not get an issue. The plant roots will help move things around as do my plecs. I...
  100. awtong

    Aquagreen (the end)

    Re: Aquagreen (Planted page 2) What a cracking start to this tank. Andy