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    Can I use Softened Water in an RO System

    You could also try a DI resin instead of a softener or even better, you get Potassium based water softeners also instead of Sodium so you could look for one of those
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    Recommend a tank cycling product

    +1 for Tetra Safestart. Even though I know better a Marine expert told me to use it to cycle a new Marine tank. I tried it and it worked great ! I also tried the freshwater version and it worked very nicely too. Most of the other bacteria products might not be that effective but Safestart did a...
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    Saving water

    Do you have a shed in the garden ? If so you could make one on top of it
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    Saving water

    If you get a decent amount of sunlight and some free space in your garden you could make a solar still to purify the water. It would produce pure water and cover atleast some % of your weekly WC. You might even be able to grow some daphnia in there for your fish
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    GH Booster

    I guess thats alright but Im just wondering how the commercial GH booster mixes that have caso4 are so clear ? CaCl2 is just so much more soluble in water would I be better of making separate solutions for MgSO4 and CaCl2 instead ?
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    ph and purigen

    Would purigen also have an impact on the buffering and pH lowering capabilities of substrate as well ?
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    GH Booster

    I have gradually been making a switch to a 50-50 RO and tap water mixture and my GH is quite low so I wanted to add GH booster to my fert routine and also to add to a new shrimp tank that I have setup which I want to run exclusively on RO because I dont completely trust my tap water I normally...
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    Best time to water change.

    Sunday morning. I turn on my CO2 as usual and then the lights about 5-10 minutes before doing the WC so that the fish dont freak out and I can see what Im vaccuuming, trimming, etc
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    Filter bacteria life?

    You could always keep it running in a bucket
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    problem, Amonia shot right up EDITED!GOTA NEW FILTER NOW!

    You could run both together for 2-4 weks then move the sponge/media over from the old internal and put it in the new one. Leave this for a couple of weeks then if you want remove the old media if you want after squeezing out all the juice into the new filter. Should be fine.