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  1. YzemaN

    liquid carbon dosed via a persistaltic pump?

    I just used a 2L water bottle. I drilled a 5mm hole in the cap for the 4/6mm tube that feeds the pump and next to it I drilled a 1mm hole to let a bit of air in without too much evaporation...
  2. YzemaN

    Im sick of paying over the odds for TPN+

    Then there's always the classic All-in-One: James' Planted Tank
  3. YzemaN

    Lunch time woe's (TPN+)

    I think Tropica based their calculations on the average European consumer. i.e. some plants and lots of fish in a non-CO2 injected tank. I seem to remember that if you dose the amount (in ml/week) that they recommend it approximates what you would dose 3 times a week in an EI tank.
  4. YzemaN

    Lunch time woe's (TPN+)

    "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" I overdosed Excel on my 25L and had plenty of good growth of HC & P. helferi, but all grass-like plants just survived, didn't put out any runners. If your vallis and the rest are doing fine you're not overdosing, so don't change anything...
  5. YzemaN

    easycarb and filter bacteria

    "... killed the cat". The active ingredient in liquid carbon is poisonous to a lot of life forms, so it will probably kill off some of the bacteria if you put enough of it in, but then it will probably also kill some of the life in the tank. But by all means, it's your tank and if you have the...
  6. YzemaN

    Plant Nutrition v Profito

    Hi Billy, Check this link: Easy Life Profito Product Page One sentence sticks out as a sore thumb and is at the heart of your problem: So you are basicly feeding your plants plenty of vitamins and no Steak & Mash (and gravy) and a what you are seing is a deficiency. Why a company like Easy Life...
  7. YzemaN

    All in one solution & Auto dosing with pump

    Re: Help with all in one solution According to James' site you need to increase the phosphate levels. I've read several places (can't where remember now. There's a couple of threads here on UKaps) that people can indeed keep GSA from infesting slow growing leaves this way. I still need to do...
  8. YzemaN

    All in one solution & Auto dosing with pump

    Re: Help with all in one solution For a tank the size of LD's you would "normally" dose 1.77g of KNO3, three times a week, but since LD is dosing daily you take the usual dose (1.77g) times 3, which gives you the weekly dose and divide it by the number of days per week (7). I write "normally"...
  9. YzemaN

    all in one fertilizer

    Have a look at James' site as well: James' Planted Tank
  10. YzemaN

    How to make DIY TPN+?

    Try this: Chuck's Planted Aquarium Calculator
  11. YzemaN

    Buy Dry Salts for E.I Dosing

    Garden Direct are also good for dry ferts. You can find the ferts under "Garden Care -> Fertilizers"
  12. YzemaN

    Scales for Dosing

    Yeay, another EI convert. Soon we shall conquer the world! :twisted: Btw: Does anyone know if the Parliament are adding an EI convert bank holiday anytime soon?
  13. YzemaN

    Newbie requires help with quantities

    You can get the ingredients here: Aqua Essentials & Garden Direct The latter is a bit cheaper and the makeup of their chelated trace mix is a bit different. I don't know if it matters in our tanks.
  14. YzemaN

    Lack of Potassium?

    Incredibly informational thread! Took a little while to wrap my head around the whole EI business, as I tend to want to understand every little bit of information, and stop worrying about absolute measurements. But threads like this feeds that little bit of my brain that screams for MORE...
  15. YzemaN

    What all in one recipe?

    Ooohhh... Someone's using my sheet :D A word of caution though, the calculations have not been verified and it was doing my head in trying to juggle all the numbers and sub-calculations. The amounts are based on the UKAPS EI article, but I think MgSO4 should only be about twice the amount of...
  16. YzemaN

    EI All-In-One Solution Calculator

    It's taken me a couple of months to take the plunge into EI, but inspired by Ceg's constant suggestion to up the dosage of everything and the cost of TPN+ I decided there was no time like the present. But being lazy I wanted an All-In-One solution a la TPN+ and after reading James article on...