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  1. glenn

    got my new lights :D

    well they are here! i ordered them on tuesday and they arrived this morning from germany, so quite fast considering the distance. they are 100cm long and 117 watts, can either be held by brackets or hanging from the celing. (both supplied) the reflectors that come with it look half decent also...
  2. glenn

    what lighting do you recomend?

    im looking for new lights for my juwel rio 180. atm i have 2 30W t8's giving me 1.3 WPG i think :roll: and im looking for 2-2.5 WPG. what is good?
  3. glenn

    can i grow HC?

    atm i have a pair of t8's on my juwel rio 180, 60W in total. is this enough to grow HC. i also have a FE co2 set up and good flow. thanks in advance.
  4. glenn

    how much WPG should i have?

    ATM i have 60 watts for 40 gallons-so 1.5WPG and i wanted to know if this is enough to grow plants like:- limnophila bacopa caroliniana echinodorus barthii vesicularia sagitaria subulata and heteranthera zosterifolia thanks in advance :)
  5. glenn

    t5 or t8

    i bought a juwel rio second hand with a t8 lighting unit...and i want to buy some new lights but dont know if the light unit is t5 or t8.... :( does any one know how i can tell the difference...(if this helps)the circumfrence of the lights on it now are 3" :| thnkas in advance