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  1. mattyc

    Wedding Photographer?

    hello guys does anyone do profetional photography for weddings and things, i am getting married in a few monts and i need a photographer in the northwest? or can you reccomend anyone who can do it?
  2. mattyc

    Camara advice?

    Hello guys i am after a bit of advice regards my first DSLR. i have done my research and i understand a bit about what the things are. i have been looking at a few camaras and i was wondering which you would choose, they are Nikon D3000 with 18-55mm VR Lens Sony Alpha a330 18-55mm Kit Canon...
  3. mattyc

    what is a Good Camara?

    I know this is a bit early but i want a camara for christmass, can anyone reccomend a good camara for about £300 ish? I currentley use a phone. so i think anything is an upgrade!! :lol: