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  1. mattyc

    Eheim Pro 3e 2078 problem

    Hi all, I have noticed that my filter is having some issues, it pumps fine but it seems to be stuck in auto calibration. The lights on the filter cycle up and down then stop for maybe a few seconds and then cycle again. The speed of the pump also goes up and down (which is normal for auto...
  2. mattyc


    Hi All, I am looking into sorting out my pipework. I build liquid cooled computers and use PETG or acrylic tube that I can heat and bend into any shape I need. Has anyone used this sort of pipe before? Also does anyone know what plastics are normally used for the pipes or filters? Thanks
  3. mattyc

    Filter options for a 60L

    Hello guys i al looking at my filter options for my 60L tank, i currently use a fluval 205 but i am unsure if there is enough flow (rated at 680 l/h) bearing in mind that the rated flow is higher than what it does in real life! any ideas?
  4. mattyc

    what is the best budget filter?

    I need a new filter for my malawi biotope it is a 180L tank i have no more than £100 to spend any ideas?
  5. mattyc

    Quick question about lily pipes?

    i have a 60L tank (below) and im using a fluval 205 with the ribbed hoses. i belive the fittings are 16mm on the filter. i want to replace the hose and change over to lily pipes, can anyone recommend some pipes for my tank? should i stick with larger pipes i.e. 17mm?
  6. mattyc

    New edge on bio filteration!!

    My aqua one filter i used on my planted tank which ended up infested with algae and snails, some of these snails got into the filter and there they stayed. I then changed the filter on my planted tank for a better one and used this filter on my cichlid tank because they were getting big and i...
  7. mattyc

    Glass Where?

    Where is the best place to pick up some lily pipes for my tank i have a 60L with a fluval 205 filter fitted to it and i want some lily pipes, i think the pipes on my filter are 17mm i am a bit unsure about ordering the pipes from the far east but they are cheeper from there. Any help is...
  8. mattyc

    RO filter question?

    How long do the pre filters last on a RO filter i have a aqua medic easy line 90 filter? Also How can i boost my production of RO water? these are both simple questions but am a bit confused thanks to Google and people saying diffrent things!!!! :cry: Thanks Matt