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  1. Spider Pig

    Auto Dosing EI with a dosing pump (diagram and calculations)

    Re: Auto Dosing EI with a dosing pump (diagram and calculati Thinking about the automated dosing route. Anyone tried D-D peristaltic pump 1ml/minute? http://www.aquacadabra.co.uk/product.php?productid=2874 pricier but would seem more reliable with 4 rollers.
  2. Spider Pig

    Bow fronted aquariums?

    Visually I think they are more striking than flat fronted aquariums, and are more suited to smaller spaces as the front can be viewed from other angles. This would make them an ideal choice for displaying fish but I think that flat fronted aquariums are better for plants, especially for photography.
  3. Spider Pig

    Auto dry salt dosing, possible with this?

    Peristaltic pumps look good but not cheap. Still think the gravity fed version would be the cheapest if it can be tuned to deliver only 10ml/ day. You could tidy it up by setting it up to inject into the outflow of your external filter. Might require a bit of bodging though.
  4. Spider Pig

    Auto dry salt dosing, possible with this?

    Found the link: http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/equip ... thods.html Looked at the kent aquadose- basically an IV giving set with a bottle. If you can get the giving set separately then you can easily set it up with a drinks bottle. Still need to calibrate the output though.
  5. Spider Pig

    Auto dry salt dosing, possible with this?

    An easy diy job would be a drinks bottle with a hole in the top and the tubing coming out of the bottom, after all that's all IV sets are. The main problem would be getting an accurate drop checker and fine tuning the rate. If you want to be really simple about it you could get a small clamp and...
  6. Spider Pig

    Auto dry salt dosing, possible with this?

    slightly off topic but are there any automated liquid feeders? I would have thought that this would be easier to do than a dry feeder and would also allow a more constant dose of fertiliser. I guess a simple method would be something like a drip that you see in hospitals.
  7. Spider Pig

    DIY Project DIY Water Changer, No more buckets!!

    Re: My Water Changer Thinking of setting up a similar system to this using pump and hose. One of the risks of using hot water straight from the tap is that if the plumbing is copper then you can get this in the water. I was told that a lot of new places have copper plumbing so have to mix water...
  8. Spider Pig

    New 500l tank project plans

    Could you cut down costs using some other water resistant material other than glass for the sections against the wall, as this will support against outward bowing. Could you get the same effect of an L shaped tank with two rectangular tanks and some clever planting where they meet to give the...