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  1. sussex_cichlids

    Good deal here

    Hate mechanical ones there not reliable and have had to many to remember tried different types they all break after a while. I spend the little extra on digital ones as there so much more reliable Ive had one of my digital ones for about 8 years now will never go back to using mechanical ones...
  2. sussex_cichlids

    Shops in the North East Kent / South East London area

    Hi Chris Depending on what way you going Maidenhead Aquatics Old London Rd, Haywards Heath RH17 5LZ Have a Sneak Peak http://www.fishkeeper.co.uk/store.aspx?id=53 Amazing store has a massive fish house not been for a while but one of my Favorites staff really helpful Displays of fish are...
  3. sussex_cichlids

    Where to buy in Australia

    Ejek was the google map of any use
  4. sussex_cichlids

    Where to buy in Australia

    Hi ejek Just done a quick google maps search for your local area you have loads here have look here http://g.co/maps/gxphs there all the information and phone numbers to find them you just have to visit each one you can and find the best one hope this helps you out Thanks SC <iframe...