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    HELP aquael ultra 2000 problem

    Apparently you are supposed to prime it by pulling out the plunger and tilting the filter from side to side to get the siphon flow going.
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    Purigen Alternative

    If Im not mistaken then Prime and Safe are actually not Sodium Thiosulphate but actually Sodium Hydroxymethanesulfonate It also has tetrasodium EDTA mixed in for "heavy metal neutralizing" properties.
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    Bulk activated carbon-good source?

    Instead of carbon use Purigen. Same positive effects - reduces tannins and some organic wastes but generally leaves the inorganic ferts we add alone. Also it can be recharged with bleach atleast 4-5 times before needing replacement. Save the AC for removing medication or an emergency like if...
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    Best Filtration for keeping vast amounts of Shrimps (Brackish)

    Forgot that it was brackish. That said I think Hyacinths and pistia would do ok. We see a lot of them in the backwaters which are often brackish
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    70l canister suggestions please.

    Hang on filters would be your best bet. Also there is a decent capacity Azoo external filter that is slim and rectangularish in shape that could be a suitable option
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    Best Filtration for keeping vast amounts of Shrimps (Brackish)

    Get a shop blower airpump and run a few large sponge filters off them. Sponge filters are good for shrimp cos of the aeration as well as grazing surface for the shrimp plus some more media for bacteria could colonise. If the tank is outdoors and gets some sun then you could add some floating plants
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    Electricity blackout

    When I have had a blackout I just pump the priming button a few times say 2-3 times an hour. Got through a 5 hr blackout ok
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    Filter cleaning

    Remember to check your externals for shrimplets when your cleaning !!
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    Philips Aquarium Purifier

    As far as I know, the UV bulbs are just normal fluorescent bulbs but without the phosphor coatings and made with quartz glass instead of regular glass. So if the output of T5s dont reduce too much over time, shouldnt it be the same for a UV tube ?
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    Cleaning external filter pipes?

    Long piece of thick string with a screw at one end and a wad of sponge at the other. Just pull itthrough the pipe a few times under a running tap
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    Preparing a new filter

    If you want something for water polishing and to absorb some organics but not ferts then you should try Purigen
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    Filter pipe cleaning brushes

    I use some twine with a screw tied to one end for weight to get the twine through the other end of the pipe. At the other end I tie a wad of sponge that fits through the tube tightly. I just pull this through the pipe a couple of times under the tap.
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    What exactly causes the water to smell horrible?

    My tank water always smels a little 'planty'. Is this normal ?
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    Filter Boosters...Do they work?

    +1 on the Tetra Safestart. I have used both the marine as well as the Freshwater ones. It doesnt cycle the tank instantly but you could safely add fish in 2-3 days.