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  1. YzemaN

    Rolling in the deep

    :jawdrop Seriously excellent tank, with very nice dimensions! Are you gonna have emersed growth as well?
  2. YzemaN

    Saintly's 120cm' Fraggle rock' THE BIG STRIP

    Re: Saintly's 120cm' Fraggle rock' I'd go for a small-ish shoal of rock dweeling fish that would only dash out every now and again. That would compliment the simplicity and tranquilness of the scape IMO
  3. YzemaN

    Cryptic Diptych

    Sorry, I wasn't clear. I only meant to use the siphon tube part between the two tanks, not the whole overflow box :roll:
  4. YzemaN

    Cryptic Diptych

    Ooh... As always I can't wait to see this grow :) You could make something similar to the link below and attach the small tubing to a similar arrangement on the powerhead intake: http://www.aquariumlife.net/projects/di ... low/70.asp This should provide enough suction to keep the siphon working...
  5. YzemaN

    The Cryptarium

    BAM! You just knocked it up a notch!
  6. YzemaN

    60 cm - Old fashioned Dutch style scape

    Hmm... Mr. Amano inspired me to get into the whole planted tank business, but seing stuff like this is really starting to grip me. This tank looks absolutely fab-tastic and certainly something to think about for future projects. And also I think the Chief would appreciate a more varied and...
  7. YzemaN

    36cm nano

    Oh no! They're such beauties once they grow a bit and colour up :( But good luck with it all. The tank itsef is ooking ace!
  8. YzemaN

    9 Gallon African Biotype

    Welcome to the dark side! 8) The plants you've selected are all slow growing and in a sence low maintenance, but if arranged right, they can be very effective. You might want to cut the lighting duration, but your plants will tell you when they've had enough! Watch them as carefully as you...
  9. YzemaN

    65L iwagumi , new lay-out

    :lol: Show him this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npjOSLCR2hE That'll teach him what happens to naughty birds Excellent 'gumi, by the way. Very inspirational!
  10. YzemaN

    8l mini mountain scape

    Re: 8l mini mountian scape That scape looks ace 8) If you're serious about the HC (which I think you should be), get ready to get the scissors out. Once it get's going it will hide anything lower the a couple of inches.
  11. YzemaN

    saintly's "savannah dreaming"

    Re: saintly's manzanita scape. (to be named) Boy's got wood :lol: Unless it gets in the way of the light I say leave it! Funny how a bit of wood changes everything in the scape and the potentional. Looking forward to this!
  12. YzemaN

    Low light Setup (new pictures added)

    Re: My Frist Go at a planted Tank Hi Jon. Glad you seem to have gotten the bug :thumbup: With an extra T8 tube you should be fine with the plants you have atm. I've never used play sand, but I've heard that it might go anaerobic after a while, but you have a lot of crypts in there (my...
  13. YzemaN

    Matts 60L Jungle Edge (update 27/09/09)

    Re: Matts 60L TPN+ is just regular TPN with added N and P, so you don't really need to add TPN (unless you like the extra cost). Tropica recommend 5ml per 50L each week for both products. I use the recommended dosage as I would EI, so dose 6ml TPN+ three times a week and do a 50% WC. HC likes...
  14. YzemaN

    Hi no moto

    Thanks for all the nice words :D I'm quite sad to see this one go, but at least it's a very small tank and I'll set it up again as soon is I have finished the tank stand for it (and found somewhere permanent to stay :wink: ) The pogo forest sort of overwhelmed me. I had no idea it would grow...
  15. YzemaN

    Hi no moto

    Final Update: Hi no moto The tank will be no more after this weekend so I thought I'd put up a couple of pictures. Maintenance has been a doodle on this tank and algae virtually non-exiting :D The only thing is I could have used a couple of months more to get the L. nummularia into proper...
  16. YzemaN

    Journey of a beginners first planted 50gal

    Hi JaM3z. Welcome to UKaps and congratulations on swallowing the red pill. This is probably going to be a steep learning curve, but don't worry, we're all here to help enlighten you. Head over to the Tutorials section and brace yourself for a bit of information overload. It'll all fall into...
  17. YzemaN

    Dan's Little Mountain replacement

    Wow! Top grades on the hardscape. I like the attention to detail in this one (the way the twigs seem to come out of natural cracks in the rock, the small pebble to the far left etc.) but it looks like it might be very high maintenance to keep it from being overwhelmed. Definitely one to watch!
  18. YzemaN

    Once upon a time at the riverbank - Final update

    Re: Once upon a time at the riverbank 125Ltr Cool. I love crypts. In fact the more I looked at your previous scape, the more I want to do a hardscape, ferns, crypts-only scape myself.
  19. YzemaN

    Once upon a time at the riverbank - Final update

    Re: Once upon a time at the riverbank 125Ltr Nice hardscape. With your fern growing skills this will look awesome. What about the left hand side. Is it going to be stems only?
  20. YzemaN

    Sedona - 20L (Liza's Tank - Update)

    Re: Liza's 20L Nano Tank Pretty much what I do (at least in the journals section), but I just remembered from when the thread was started :lol:
  21. YzemaN

    Sedona - 20L (Liza's Tank - Update)

    Re: Liza's 20L Nano Tank (I think Liza is his daughter :lol: )
  22. YzemaN

    TLH's Tank

    No problems seing the pictures. A really nice size tank there. Id like to get a similar sized when I've gotten rid of my current one.
  23. YzemaN

    Will's 13x13x16 40l nano cube(ish) tank

    Oh, you mean this guide: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=297 :D Nice tank and nice piece of wood. Keep us posted on your progress!
  24. YzemaN

    The Forgotten Valley - 60l

    Looks great, now that the HM is filling out! I can see what you mean by the "two halfes", but isn't it just a question of pruning to the right shape? And great photography too!
  25. YzemaN

    saintly's "The Miracle Mire" scape over

    Hoka hey! But we all know your tanks are like the Phoenix. Looking forward to the gumi :D
  26. YzemaN

    new 'tank'

    Awesome little tank! I've never seen a CO2 bottle being bigger than the tank :lol: HC will grow fine with Excel/EasyCarbo only. My tank initially got taken over by GDA, but I left it alone as I had other things to attend to, and it "mysteriously" went away and I haven't had any algae since. I'd...
  27. YzemaN

    Sedona - 20L (Liza's Tank - Update)

    Re: Liza's 20L Nano Tank :lol: I agree. I can quickly become too boxed-in in a small tank like that. This seems to strech the scape a bit. The tank is turning out beautifully, I can't believe these are the same rocks I commented on earlier.
  28. YzemaN

    7gal Shrimp only - "Forgotten Glade"

    In a similar sized tank I dosed 1ml TPN+/day and 1ml EC/day... Seemed to work and kept the algae at bay. I think I read somewhere here that if you follow Tropica's recommendations you add approx. 6ppm/dose of KNO3, so dosing the Tropica recommended dose three times a week would be close to EI...
  29. YzemaN

    Sedona - 20L (Liza's Tank - Update)

    Re: Liza's 20L Nano Tank Neat! I like how the rock on the right form a tunnel in the angled shot but a canyon in the straight shot. I'm looking forward to see how it develops. And you've chucked in Boraras brigittae. Lovely little fish, I have 15 (left...) in mine. They'll soon get used to you...
  30. YzemaN

    Sedona - 20L (Liza's Tank - Update)

    Re: Liza's 20L Nano Tank Neither does it for me, I'm afraid. I guess I'll have to vote for one fo the independents :) I think you need to align the lines and structure of the rocks. Once you've done that you can always have a play-around to create that much sought after tension in the...
  31. YzemaN

    Hi no moto

    Gave the scape a fancy name. Now I'm a true aquascaper. Score! :lol:
  32. YzemaN

    saintlys "The Henge"

    Luxury, I say! I've got an old scratched, octagonal tank as a standby... Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! But with the plants in an optiwhite nursery home, I know we'll see a cracking scape in the next journal :D
  33. YzemaN

    Neil's NEW 60cm Nature Aquarium v3

    I agree. Just make sure you keep the scale of a mixed foreground in mind, but I trust you will :)
  34. YzemaN

    Asian Jungle

    What a shame :( I think you were actually on to something, but i do like the triangular layouts. Hopefully you'll start a new journal soon?
  35. YzemaN

    Hi no moto

    Re: 25L Clearseal Tank Small update. Not really much to report. Things are going well and the plants seem to have recovered from the shock of the makeover. Not much sign of algae, which I take is good :) I've made a new batch of my fertiliser for the big tank and have started using it on this...
  36. YzemaN

    the Gurus second attempt!

    Very nice tank there! Where did you get the luminaire from?
  37. YzemaN

    Stus Rio 125 re-plant journal

    Try with needle and thread. Worked for me, anyway. Bits of stone or lead strips can also hold it down for a few weeks until it gets a hold. It doesn't take mush to hold them down. Gorgeous looking tank btw. I really like the rocks. Maybe you could try to take the three largest pieces on the...
  38. YzemaN

    Hi no moto

    Re: 25L Clearseal Tank Thanks for all the nice words! Glad to hear some encouragement for a change. With the GF it's usually something along the lines of "what have you done to the tank now? Can't you just leave the poor fish alone?" :D I'm still not sure whether I'm going to stick with the...
  39. YzemaN

    Superman's 180l Asian Retreat

    Re: Superman's Asian Retreat Hang in there, Kiddo. Don't give up, the choopers will be here anytime :) Sorry to hear of your algae woes, but keep at it and it'll sort itself (with a little help from you). Hygrophilas are a really good idea. I've grown five different kinds in the past 8 months...
  40. YzemaN

    My rio 240 planted discus tank

    Re: Rio 240,hc emmersed setup Ooh, nice! It's going to look great once it grows in. I don't have the guts for Discus myself but those are beautiful! Glad to hear your algae is on the retreat. I seem to grow algae just as well as my plants in my big tank, so I've sort of settled with the fact...
  41. YzemaN

    Hi no moto

    Hi All. Just some pictures of my 25L tank. Tank specs: Clear-Seal 18'' x 10'' x 10'' (approx. 28.1L I know) Lighting: 24W PC dimmed with a piece of Tesco's Finest grease paper :lol: Substrate: JBL Aqua Basis Plus topped with fine black gravel Filtration: Interpet PF mini Fertilisation: 1ml...
  42. YzemaN

    Square One

    Nice one! It can be difficult to pull off the hard scape in a small tank like that, but I think you did a great job. You just need to get some really bushy growth at the back and you'll have a winner!
  43. YzemaN

    First Attempt!

    Could be me, but I prefer a more natural setup like in the image below: As you can see all the larger rock structures are not perfectly aligned , but they seem to want to "go" in the same direction. And ditch all the small stones. They'll get lost in the vegetation within weeks of planting...
  44. YzemaN

    Me and my crazy tiny 'tank' idea....

    Loving the CD spindle. Is that Hygro you have growing in there?
  45. YzemaN

    27 litre scape - "Bearing new fruit"

    Nice one there! I would like to do a "Tree Scape" myself. Just need to work a bit on "she who must be obeyed" as I'm one tank short ATM. I also need to find a piece of wood that would do the job.
  46. YzemaN

    Sam's nano journal

    Re: I'm currently growing HC emersed using a mix of old and new gravel. The first couple of weeks the HC was growing happily and then I added TPN+ to the water I was spraying. After a couple of days some of the HC appeared burned and stopped spreading. I went back to spraying just pure London...