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  1. rebus

    Tropica Plant Nutrition Plus

    The Green Machine will ship worldwide. Info here, http://www.thegreenmachineonline.com/de ... nformation http://www.thegreenmachineonline.com/pr ... ertilisers
  2. rebus

    Who has a motorbike?

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us Shot at 2012-01-05 Mine, i love big V twins just endless handfuls of torque :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  3. rebus

    Whats everyone's new year resolution???

    :D 25 posts think i might need a new resolution now! maybe it should be to not spend to much in the classified section :thumbup:
  4. rebus

    Whats everyone's new year resolution???

    To get my posts up over 25 so i can access the classifieds forum :lol:
  5. rebus

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Happy new year to all.
  6. rebus

    Cutting hole in sink. Rotary tool?

    The video is basically just an advert for their drill bits.( although very helpful and as you say they do make it look very easy) I found this while i was researching doing something similar myself but in the end i decided to go with a click clack waste as you mentioned earlier, as the cost of...
  7. rebus

    Cutting hole in sink. Rotary tool?

    This is quite a useful link. http://www.tilersforums.co.uk/tile-dril ... urved.html Stu.