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  1. sussex_cichlids

    Bacopa Caroliniana problem?

    what fish have you got in there that looks slightly eaten to me Only saying that becuase look like whats i have left over after i feeding my cichlids a bunch of cuttings they munch all the soft leaves also the plant look very vibrant and now looking poorly at all I would almost say you fish...
  2. sussex_cichlids

    Plant identification required

    Im not sure on the name of that But i am sure that a house plant and not a true underwater plant will not last long that why BAD LFS sell them to make you by more try sticking to true underwater plants that way you plants will grow and thrive Look nice but wont last long. Sure another...
  3. sussex_cichlids

    Stem plant dying from the bottom

    Hi Vygec Check this thread here we been already discussing this subject this week you may find the answers you looking for here Plant leave falling off from the bottom
  4. sussex_cichlids

    Holes in my plants!

    Hi andre No Ottos are 100% Plants safe Ive done loads research over past few years in to finding the perfect fish for a planted tank and ottos ive got to rank as one of the most plant friendly fish you can buy they will sit on you plants and clean algae and detritus from them but will never...
  5. sussex_cichlids

    ludwigia pantanal bottom leaves falling off

    Also like everyone has said with it possible being a co2/flow issues a trim and a thin you will free up any dead spots and create better flow and light penetration also most plants love a little trim it will only encourage the plant to thicken out You could try layering it so the plants have...
  6. sussex_cichlids

    ludwigia pantanal bottom leaves falling off

    there maybe enough but if the cannopy of your plants is thick like yours the light will strugle to pentrate to the lower parts of the tank I would give the tops a bit of a trim thin back the tallest plants
  7. sussex_cichlids

    ludwigia pantanal bottom leaves falling off

    Thats were i dissagree with others and still think its a light issues
  8. sussex_cichlids

    Hygrophila Lacustris origin

    Native of Cerrado Vegetation of Brazil, and usually grows from southern Mexico to Argentina.
  9. sussex_cichlids

    ludwigia pantanal bottom leaves falling off

    Looks nice I found over the years that that problem almost always caused by not enough light reaching the lower parts of the plant you could try thinning out the top to allow more light to reach the lower parts of you tank Also could lead to stem rot if not dealt with you will find your...
  10. sussex_cichlids

    Best Way To Attach Anubias To Driftwood?

    Hi Kris I some times use a 2/3 lb fishing line as its hardly visible for hidden stuff also for stuff on close display consider using a carp braid as these a designed to camo against different water conditions and available in variety of colors and blended colours if you tying to wood then a...
  11. sussex_cichlids

    Posting plants from the UK to Rep. Of Ireland

    Ive some a bit of research on this as i wanted to import some plants i contacted all the correct UK authorities for information on this you can read more information here http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=19364
  12. sussex_cichlids

    stem rotting

    yea you can replant it just pull the first few leaves off then push back in substrate
  13. sussex_cichlids

    Plant Identification

    it could possable be Riccardia chamedryfolia But i may be wrong
  14. sussex_cichlids

    Plant Identification

    The link is fine The picture bit small to identify can you get a better picture with more plant detail in it Thanks SC
  15. sussex_cichlids

    Glosso Growing Vertical......?

    Quetzalcoatl A way you can check that you getting enough Co2 in the lower part of you water column is put your drop check only just above the substrate about an 1" and watch it over next few days See what colour it changes being in the lower part of your tank That should give you the answer...
  16. sussex_cichlids

    Plant id

    Hi Ive tried looking at the code you used for your picture seams somethings not right possibly with you flicker Account settings that's stopping the pictures from showing ive been over to your pictures and tried re linking them and im getting the same problem Not sure how to fix this only...
  17. sussex_cichlids

    Can i Import to UK

    I can confirm that if you are wishing to import aquarium plants from a non-EU country then these will need to be accompanied by a Phytosanitary Certificate. Please see the information below which provides links to all of the various documents and information that you will need for this process...
  18. sussex_cichlids

    Growing Mosses

    Ive got some moss ball in a glass vases on windows sill and seam to be doing just fine using this technique seam to work well
  19. sussex_cichlids

    Can i Import to UK

    Thats the stuff Ill get some off there Thanks!! Worth trying to find out if i could import plants spoke with a Plant Health and Seed Inspectorate Bring plants from outside the EU Small quantities of plant materials, which normally require Phytosanitary Certificates on import, may be...
  20. sussex_cichlids

    Can i Import to UK

    I've been trying to find some one selling trident java fern in the UK but could not find anyone with any for sale i been speaking with a gent in the USA who sells plants his website http://www.aquaticjungles.com i want to buy some of this but were both unsure on the import laws for shipping...