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    There is an "Acclimatisation" mode which has built in ramp up/down but its not very customizable in terms of setting the channels. The ramp period is also too long so either it extends well past the time I want the light to be off or I need to be ok with the peak intensity photoperiod being...
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    Im using the Micmol Master fixture. Its great as such Have you tried a ramp up and ramp down timer ? I can set it but it kind of does its own thing. I tried different permutations and combinations but none of them worked perfectly. What I mean is, if I set a 30 minute or one hour window to ramp...
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    DIY LED Full Spectrum Design

    I also agree with you. The extra spectrum bits are nice to have, maybe in a small proportion but overall, plants will grow in pretty much whatever light you give them if the intensity and other growth factors are taken care of as long as the light isnt generally crap. The extra stuff is just us...
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    DIY LED Full Spectrum Design

    Sushant PM me your phone number. Ill add you to a local Aquarium group. Some people have have made DIY lights on it as well. For your first build just try and keep it simple. I was just wondering, how much of an improvement it would make to add "advanced" spectrum LEDs like IR, UV, RB, DR...
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    HELP aquael ultra 2000 problem

    Apparently you are supposed to prime it by pulling out the plunger and tilting the filter from side to side to get the siphon flow going.
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    Purigen Alternative

    If Im not mistaken then Prime and Safe are actually not Sodium Thiosulphate but actually Sodium Hydroxymethanesulfonate It also has tetrasodium EDTA mixed in for "heavy metal neutralizing" properties.
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    Light mount

    A lot of people DIY these using curtain rods. They are round instead of square but you get all the hardware to mount the vertical supports to the side of the cabinet, elbows for the horizontal bit to hang your lights and available in various anodized finishes. You could consider this as an option
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    Plants dissolve

    Your tank parameters seem ok. It looks like only the bottom part of the plants is dissolving. If these are new plants from the shop then its normal when they are converting from emmersed to submerged growth patterns
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    Lighting ban

    Agree with you 100% the new LED stuff - regular price and premium ones - last nowhere close to what is advertised but just past the advertised warranty period is. Im guessing its mostly due to the heat but I have fluorescents that are older than all my LED fittings and they see regular usage and...
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    Are smaller nano tanks really worth the effort?

    I would say its easier to start off with low tech nano tanks to get a feel of things. Stick to plants like the Java Fern family, Anubias and mosses. A few simple stems can also be used. Crypts too but I tend to avoid crypts because of their massive root system. You can use an Aquasoil but cycle...
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    Chihros or Twinstar

    Nice. Kind of similar to my DIY light in layout except I just used a few basic R, G and B along with my mixed K whites. @Colin Might I suggest looking at the MakersLED set ? Its good stuff although some bits are expensive. The main thing is the Driver/Controller which supports 5 channels for a...
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    I just dose regularly as an algae inhibitor and for spot treatment. Dont buy 25% solution if you dont have a fume cabinet or equipment to dilute it safely. The easiest option is to buy something like Cidex from Johnson & J which is at 3.5% conc and dilute it 50-50 with water and dose that. Make...
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    Lighting Upgrade: Finnex Planted+ to Chihiros WRGB II?

    Go for the Chihiros B-60. Its budget friendly and has mostly white LEDs with a few RGB Leds in the mix to improve CRI. You can set a timer on the app or control the dimming but not adjust the individual colours Another option is the Micmol Master. Similar specs as the WRGB Pro but about 20%...
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    Lighting ban

    If you wanted to get LEDs for a deep tank, the aquarium LED spots and bars with lenses (which you need for penetration) will be expensive. On a budget, you will have to DIY a fixture to which you can add lenses but Im guessing this option is one you wouldnt prefer. So in order to get some budget...
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    Chihros or Twinstar

    I was going to suggest 2X60cm Chihiros B series lights but the max width supported by them is 80cm. then I thought 3x45cm placed front to back but those top out at 50cm. Looks like you might have to spring for the WRGB 2 Pro 80cm or devise a way to hang the other lights
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    Anubias ‘Snow white’

    Lots of people selling and buying these but there are never any update pictures or any long term updates. Only once a reliable hobbyist grew these and reported that it survived but turned green like a regular Anubias. There was some info somewhere that these plants (maybe some and not all) are...
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    DIY Light started flickering

    UPDATE : Opened it up and cleaned it out. Replaced the cooling fans because might as well. Checked and redid all the main wire connections - they seemed fine anyways Then I sat and tested each LED with the multimeter. Was quite painful to do 48 LEDs and remove and replace the lenses. I found 2...
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    DIY Light started flickering

    So this setup has fuses on it but its concealed round the back so I cant remember if its for each string or for the full set of 24 and also what the fuse rating is lol. Also these drivers output is 1300ma so it does limit each string to 650 ma Yeah there was an option for PWM dimming if I had...
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    DIY Light started flickering

    Im quite rubbish with multimeters and basic electronics in general but I will give it a shot No build thread unfortunately. Overall the light is great in terms or output and colour rendition without the horrible "blurple" look that a lot of fixtures have these days. I made a WRGB light before...
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    DIY Light started flickering

    Around 9 years ago I made my first proper LED light fixture. Specs are below 72 Bridgelux LEDs divided into 3 x 24 LEDs (2 x 12 LEDs in parallel) Powered by 3 X Meanwell ELN 60-48-D Drivers Dimming controlled by 3 x 10k OHM potentiometers and ONE DC 10V 1A Adaptor thats shared between all 3...
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    Life expectancy of aquarium silicone ?

    From what Ive heard and seen : 15-20 years is the upper limit 10-15 years is the mid level limit 8-10 years is the ideal - got your moneys worth time period. I wouldnt go above this on anything larger than a 60cm. My 75cm is 9 years old now and Im looking to replace it soon. These figures are...
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    Recommend a good Gravel Vac for planted aquariums

    Ooooh interesting !! I never thought of that. Ill give it a try if I can find a stool thats the right height. Actually even if its halfway up it should reduce the effect to a decent amount.
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    Recommend a good Gravel Vac for planted aquariums

    Ok so for a long time now I have been trying to find a good gravel vac - either DIY or store bought for getting all the fine mulm out of the top layer of substrate and in between plants in my tank and have been unsuccessful. Basically I need something with low gentle flow that just gets the fine...
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    Is CO2 really worth it??

    I thunk low level CO2 injection with medium light would be the way to go. Start it up 2 hours before the lights go on
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    Utricularia graminifolia melting

    Its a custom Aquasoil type substrate that I was planning to manufacture and sell but then got too lazy. I didnt plant UG in it till a few months down the line though so while it had plenty of nutrients still, the Ammonia cycle was well finished by then
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    Silicone and tank longevity

    From what I know, if the tank has always contained water, it last longer. Keeping it dry reduces the life of the silicone although I have no idea to what extent. As for general life of a tank, 15 odd years is a good safe bet for a tank in use. 10 years if you are paranoid like me !! I have to...
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    Utricularia graminifolia melting

    My TDS is in the 100-200 range. pH around 7. I never measured KH and GH on this tank because the API test kit for those is garbage and really hard to make out but I did my best to try and get a reading for my cardina tank and it was around 1 for KH and 4 for GH. This tank has Seiryu stone so it...
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    Utricularia graminifolia melting

    I would but postage would be expensive and it will 100% turn to mush before it reaches you seeing as how Im in Bombayand its peak summer !! :D If you are using TC pots then another thing to try would be to leave some of it floating in another tank if you have one. Even easier if you have a...
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    Utricularia graminifolia melting

    UG works best if you get a submerged grown sample and and add it to a cycled aquarium. Then soon you wont be able to get rid of it. In my experience the TC version only works well in dry starts
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    Be carefull where you leave your tools!!

    I did not but my blood is now algae free :D
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    Be carefull where you leave your tools!!

    I once stabbed myself with an Excel filled syringe once. Was doing some spot dosing and doing a 2nd fill but my hands and the syringe were wet and slippery and the syringe was a bit tight so it slipped while sucking up the 2nd dose since I was holding it weirdly and I stabbed myself. Pretty sure...
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    Does a Tank really cost 36p a Day to run in Electric

    You guys are lucky only having to run 100W heaters for say half the year !! In Bombay we ideally need chillers during the hot months which cost a lot more to buy and a heck of a lot more to run !! Because of the high humidity, cooling fans only make a degree or two of difference, just about...
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    Stupid lightning question

    Im pretty sure all lights come with a power supply dont they ? Never heard of such a case before. Wait for the lights to arrive if you have ordered them before ordering a separate power supply especially if its a pain to return.
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    Advice on second LED unit

    I would suggest the Micmol Felix light. Thin flat bar that looks good for additional lighting. WRGB can be controlled by an app and the price is lower than a full fixture for that tank
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    Popbloom experiences

    Not sure if its available where you are but have a look at Neo Helios lights. Good budget WRGB lights, quite a few hobbyist have had success with it
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    Passing of Filipe Oliveira

    Damn I remember from waaaay back when a couple of his tanks were highlighted on AquaticPlantCentral I believe ? RIP
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    Light spread of WRGB2 Pro and similar bar lights

    The cost comes in because I want to use the MakersLED Heatsink for a nice neat fixture along with the associated drivers and hardware plus shipping and customs duty getting them from the USA and some good quality LEDS. All that adds up to $400 with shipping and duty on top. Also Im quite bad at...
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    Light spread of WRGB2 Pro and similar bar lights

    Right now Im leaning towards the Micmol unit for a few reasons even though its 0.5W LEDS vs the 1W ones in the Chihiros unit. 1) Higher light output overall so depending on how it is, I could run it at lower power 2) Discrete W R G and B LEDs vs the all in one LEDs in the Chihiros should give...
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    Light spread of WRGB2 Pro and similar bar lights

    I was eyeing these from chihiros. Its a decent option. Maybe I could get something like this fabricated. One other option is to find SS or Aluminium rods the same thickness as the ones that come with the light and make taller or wider supports Finnex and Hyggar arent available in my country...
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    Light spread of WRGB2 Pro and similar bar lights

    So I have an interesting dilemma. I currently have a 75*45*45 cm tank with a DIY LED light over it with a kind of janky mounting system and waaaay overspecced for my tank (180 W !!). Soon Ill be using this on a friends monster 8*2*3 foot tank with narrower lenses to provide some good...
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    Aquarium water marks on outer panels.

    Dip kitchen paper towels in vinegar and slap them on to 10-15 minutes before trying the razor or scrubber. Should be easier to get rid of then. You can finish by polishing with a melamaine sponge/magic scrubber. Instead of vinegar you can make a concentrated solution of citric acid and try that...
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    A Type of Nerite?

    I think they are called military helmet nerites if Im not mistaken. Had a few. Come in a few different colours and patterns
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    Water Chillers

    Ill give you some advice as a fishkeeper from Mumbai where its hot and humid for half the year and cooling the tank is a perpetual discussion on our fish groups 1] Cooling or PC fans are good enough to keep water temps at acceptable levels IF your average humidity levels are below 70* and you...
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    Dario/badis species

    Dario Kajal show up very rarely in the hobby even in India. Often you have more luck finding them with some niche fishkeepers that specialize in rare exotics
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    Mixing TNC light with easy carbo?

    Usually liquid carbon and trace ferts dont react. Just to be sure mix a bit of both in a small cup and leave it covered for a few days and check. If you dont see any sediment then you should be good to go
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    APT Fix

    I do know that Glut forms a linear polymer chain by crosslinking with itself when boiled. Maybe Agar might work when added to boiling Glut as a thickener in minute qtys
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    APT Fix

    I got a bottle to check out. To me it seems to be a bit more concentrated Glut with a bit of thickener added to it. I guess that is the Epoxy Aldehyde bit of jargon. The slightly thicker and stronger solution makes it work faster and cling to the treated areas better/longer. @dw1305 Any clue as...
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    Light with Weather effects and area control

    Maybe ? Do you have a video for that ? Maybe it was presented by Chris Lukhaup or Oliver Knott in an interview style and they were showing off the light features and effects over a planted tank Yeah man unnecessary complexity leads to ..... unnecessary complexity.
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    Light with Weather effects and area control

    Maybe ? I dont know what that is Yeah unnecessary complexity leads to...... unnecessary complexity
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    Light with Weather effects and area control

    Ah I just wanted to know which light it was out of curiosity nothing more. We dont really need these effects and as such Im happy with my 8 year old DIY fixture which I recently upgraded
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    Light with Weather effects and area control

    Yes ! This is the one ! I remember maybe the intro video for this light was over a shop or gallery tank and maybe presented by Chris Lukhaup or something. Thanks for solving the mystery !
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    Light with Weather effects and area control

    Hi all, I remember seeing a thread with a video a couple of years ago (pre covid !) of a new fancypants aquarium light (large tank luminaire) that had control of dimming of almost the entire set of LEDS individually and it also had weather and lightning effects. the Light was a thin flat silver...
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    New Utricularia sp. name ? Alternative to UG

    Could be. Searching for it threw up images of several other possible candidates though ! Has bosminifera been grown in the aquarium ?
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    New Utricularia sp. name ? Alternative to UG

    I remember seeing a new alternative to UG on this forum but cannot remember the species name or find that thread via search. It was similar to UG but with broader and shorter leaves and apparently easier to grow than UG. Can someone help me out with the info ?
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    Hot climates and aquascaping

    Since I live in a Sub Tropical SE Asian country, my advice to you is : Option 1 (The best IMO) : Move the tank to your bedroom and use an Air Conditioner at night. It will keep you cool and comfortable and also drop the tank temperature enough to keep it within the optimal limits. Mine doesnt go...
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    Ca:Mg:K Ratio

    Hi, Thanks for the advice. I do use Salty shrimp GH+ and knew it was a mix of CaCl2 and MgCl2 because of its hygroscopic nature. Im quite familiar with CaCl2 as Ive been using it for years to make DIY moisture absorbers for the cupboards and stuff. As such I have no particular target ppm, I just...
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    Ca:Mg:K Ratio

    So if I were to change my GH Booster to a more soluble mix of Ca and Mg then I would need to use CaCl2 and MgCl2 instead of MgSO4 ?
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    Ca:Mg:K Ratio

    I have very soft water and want to increase my Calcium dosing. I already dose some Mg mixed with my Macros and after every WC I dose a GH booster which is a mix of MgSO4 and CaSO4. CaSO4 is sparingly soluable but should be fine in the volume of tank water. Is there an alternative Ca salt I could...
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    Rotala changes colour daily.....

    In order to add to the confusion, Im seeing the same thing with my UG since the last few months. Its pale in the morning, before and after the lights just come on and gets back to its normal healthy bright green by the end of the day. Since its purely a green plant I think we can rule out the...
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    Scaping and scooters

    Yeah it happened quite quickly and suddenly actually. It was a combination of several factors actually. I currently own a second hand 110cc Honda Activa. I picked it up to practice and learn the ropes. I'm from Bombay actually so Im not sure what the UK equivalent is. I did go to Nottingham Uni...
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    Tropical soil buffering and shrimp

    Supplement their food with blanched spinach or kale. It should help. Also you could try the shrimp mineral blocks/balls
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    Scaping and scooters

    I've joined the scooter gang a few months ago. Been driving cars for years but lately the traffic and parking scenario in my city has gotten really crazy so decided to learn how to ride a bike properly and get the add on for my license. I also had my first fall a couple of weeks ago under pretty...
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    Can I use Softened Water in an RO System

    You could also try a DI resin instead of a softener or even better, you get Potassium based water softeners also instead of Sodium so you could look for one of those
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    First Contact ...

    Just make sure you use the drip method to acclimatize the shrimp before adding them to your tank and they should be fine. Cherries are usually pretty hardy and adaptable unless your water parameters are very skewed
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    Algae with EI dosing

    If you have Lab chemical suppliers close by you can try getting sodium hydroxymethanesulfonate and use that as a dechlorinator. It takes care chlorine, chloramines and ammonia. 25gms in 500ml water and then one drop per litre of new water for normal dosage.
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    Need Help to Identify this plant

    I think its rotala sp "sunset"
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    Black Earth, would you go there ?

    Its a good substrate, a friend it using it in his tank. Give it a shot.
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    Fairy Shrimp

    AFAIK Thai Fairy Shrimp dont give birth to live nauplii, only cysts. Some of the American varieties do however so you could give them a try to keep a self sustaining culture going
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    ID Rotala

    I just got Rotala "sunset" from a friend and it seems to follow this growth pattern, so maybe it is what you have
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    White paste like substance leaching from driftwood

    This happens quite often with new driftwood. Nothing to worry about. You can siphon it out each time it forms using an airline tube. Its just a bacterial bloom. Also black Mollies and Otos eat it
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    Lean Dosing Methods

    If your water isnt too hard and since KNO3 isnt available to you, you could use CaNO3 instead
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    Help! plant deficiency or toxicity ? ( new pics)

    Emilio try lowering the CO2 for afew days to see if you have any improvement. It may not always be the case but Ive had a few instances where I was pumping in a LOT of CO2 in a tank to drive growth but it resulted in some unhealthy plants. Try it out for a few days, no harm since your already...
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    Light up my life

    The glow of a tank beat the glow of a TV any day !
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    Is there an option that tap water cause algee

    I guess using RO water could reduce chances of algal spores entering the tank via that route but then again spores are everywhere so I cant say how muc actual difference it would make. I usually change my water before the CO2 comes on.
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    Using car radiator as cooler

    They do drop the temps and keep them down even in the Tropics by 4-5 degrees but only during winter when the humidity is below 50 and ambient is 20-25 anyways :P
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    ADA AquaSoil - Amazonia LIGHT - have you heard of this NEW product?

    Can anyone tell me what are the two types of red stem plants in the pics above ? I think one of them is a plant I have been looking for but not able to identify
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    Barrs GH booster dosage?

    I think the rotala one is wrong. 77gm is a huge amout. 1 tsp should be more than enough
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    Bulk activated carbon-good source?

    Instead of carbon use Purigen. Same positive effects - reduces tannins and some organic wastes but generally leaves the inorganic ferts we add alone. Also it can be recharged with bleach atleast 4-5 times before needing replacement. Save the AC for removing medication or an emergency like if...
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    Double sided tape - safe?

    I just use plastic clothes clips on wires to hold them onto the glass. I do this for powerheads so that they dont fall if the suction cups fail. the two halves of the clip dont hold the inner and outer parts of the wire but the hinge part pushes down the wire onto the glass. Wire is passed...
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    Cabinet motion sensor lighting

    It should work. I used to use the one from Ikea. Unfortunately my was stuck on a bit precariously and came off and got crushed by the door :P
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    Using car radiator as cooler

    Unfortunately there are no cheap or easy ways to cool a tank. Im speaking from experience. Fans can cool your tank enough IF your ambient humidity is low due to evaporative cooling. The number of fans will obviously depend on the size of the tank, 4-6 120mm or 80mm should be sufficient on a four...
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    Can anyone recommend an indoor plant?

    You could also try Peace Lilys, Spider plants, Ficus and 'ZZ' plants
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    Beef heart substitute

    Why dont you try Beef Heart Sticks from TA-Aquaculture ? Its good stuff
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    Stocking plants

    Keep it in a cool place and maybe for a couple of hours expose them to some artificial light. Most of these are grown emersed anyways and it looks like there is some moisture inside the bags so you basically have mini greenhouse. Dont keep in the sun because it will get really hot and melt
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    The Apocalypse

    What about metal or plastic mesh over the top ? I wonder which would block less light and require lower maintenance mesh or a glass/plexi sheet ?
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    90cm tank - two filter tank output arrangement

    For my 75x45x45cm tank I use 2 externals. One Eheim 2217 and one Sun Sun 302, both 1000lph. The inlets are on opposite ends of the tank towards the middle/front. Outlets are spray bars along the back. 2217 has only a single section of spraybar pointing towards the front centre of the glass...
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    Chlorine based sterilisation

    For filter parts and hard plastic I would use bleach and for porous stuff like rocks and driftwood I prefer hydrogen peroxide as a light rinse and scrub after treating will clean it and be safe without having to worry about chlorine that has seeped in and getting it out since it just breaks down...
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    Best Filtration for keeping vast amounts of Shrimps (Brackish)

    Forgot that it was brackish. That said I think Hyacinths and pistia would do ok. We see a lot of them in the backwaters which are often brackish
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    Twinstar..what is it?

    Im using a Chihiros disc with my Twinstar. It works but there is a bit of a time delay i.e. if the twinstar runs for 10 seconds then the Chihiros disc turns on only after 3-4 seconds. Other than that its the same. No idea if others have the same issue as I cant find anything online other than...
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    Limnophila aromatica - The Rice Paddy Herb

    Oh in case it hasnt been mentioned before, I have seen cut portions of the leaves start to grow roots ! When I had it in my tank, I had to trim it regularly because it grew so fast and while pruning I guess some of the leaves got cut in half. Some of these got stuck in my moss wall and some time...
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    70l canister suggestions please.

    Hang on filters would be your best bet. Also there is a decent capacity Azoo external filter that is slim and rectangularish in shape that could be a suitable option
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    Best Filtration for keeping vast amounts of Shrimps (Brackish)

    Get a shop blower airpump and run a few large sponge filters off them. Sponge filters are good for shrimp cos of the aeration as well as grazing surface for the shrimp plus some more media for bacteria could colonise. If the tank is outdoors and gets some sun then you could add some floating plants
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    Timers - Mechanical, Digital, Remote, WiFi

    Ive had no luck with a few different mechanical timers in the past, they always seem to lose time at different rates and a lot of it. By the end of the month there would be a difference of 30-45 minutes from the set timing. Currently been using digital timers from DX. Only had one complete...
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    Understanding adaptation to no Water Changes

    Hey you should get a cleaner crew of a few RCS and maybe some nerite snails to help break down the larger waste into smaller bits that can be more easily broken down further by bacteria. While I generally dont prefer to use them, try a bacteria product like Seachems Pristine or Microbe lift that...
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    Insularium - Exclusive first sight

    Get a couple of stems of H Pinnatifida in there. They grow great emerged and have lovely purple flowers. They can add a nice palm tree look to your island
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    hygrophila pinnatifida problem

    It tends to get like that. Up your CO2 a bit or start supplementing liquid carbon and move it to a nice bright area. It needs lot of light. I had it for quite a while. The lower older leaves would develop pin holes and fall off even after increasing my EI dosage and CO2, until I moved it from...
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    Cleaning co2 bazooka diffuser with H202

    Remove it from the tank and soak it in a small cup for half an hour or so with enough H2O2 to cover the diffuser. Then just rinse under the tap and put it back in the tank. You dont need to do this often, every 3 months or so or when you see a drop in performance should be just fine.
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    Dwarf Puffer sexing??

    I think both the ones you have are female. From what research I remember from when I had a few is that the males tend to have larger black patches and the black has a bit of iridescent/metallic shine to them while females have smaller black spots that are dull matte black
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    What is the healthiest cookware?

    Most of our pots are stainless steel or stainless with a brass bottom on the outside and most of them are atleast 15-20 years old. As for non-stick cookware Just picked up a granite/stone coated wok and a set of ceramic pans. Work great and the ceramic especially needs very little oil while...