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  1. plantnoob

    max head height

    i see this a lot as im looking at pumps at the moment . am i understanding it right , that it is the max height the pump can return water ? ie a pump with max head height of 2 metres must sit no more than 2 metres below the tank?
  2. plantnoob

    what would the effect be ?

    i plumbed up my powerhead/reactor/ full length spraybar setup today . the pipe i ordered for the spraybar hasnt been delivered yet , so i went and got a bit of pipe from a plumbers merchant . the pipe i ordered is 12mm outside diameter , and the pipe i bought and used today is 12mm inside...
  3. plantnoob

    working out hole spacing

    im making a new system dedicated purely to providing water circulation and co2 to my tank . im going to be using a 1200lph powerhead plumbed into a tmc aquagro 1500 co2 reactor ( external) , and back into the tank via a full length spraybar ( 12mm acrylic tube) . length of spraybar will be 80cm...
  4. plantnoob

    trying to eradicate a dead spot

    tank is fluval roma 125 , filter is eheim 2213 extra turnover from newave 1.6 1400lph circulation pump . intake on the right , outlet on the left . 1st i tried spraybar on back wall which only reached maybe halfway along , and the pump the other end faced to the front . this way i had loads of...
  5. plantnoob

    coulkd this work?

    this weekend im setting up my co2 system and optimising flow etc . now because im feeding co2 in via the spraybar using an up inline atomiser , i have got the spraybar angled slightly downwards so as not to have all my co2 just dissapear at the waters surface . as a result of this , although...