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  1. glenn

    Shrimps 'swim towards the light'

    lol, that seems very far fetched...i wonder how much antidepressant is going in to have that effect, you would think it would get diluted instantly to such a small ammount to have no affect.
  2. glenn

    killer shrimp?

    i am now because i just woke up and again found another one of my glass cats dead :evil: and im pretty shure its not my angel fish :?
  3. glenn

    killer shrimp?

    in my 60litre comunity aquarium i have a freshwater shrimp(one angel,5 glass cats,small plec) given to my by a friend when he broke his tank, and a couple of days ago i found one of my glass catfish dead :cry: ...(could be the angel you say) thats what i thought until i seen that the glass cat...