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  1. plantnoob

    hardscape advice

    this 1 is really boggling me ! how to hardscape a triangle style aquascape ? i want some hardscape to be on show . i did have a picture in my head of branches of redmoor protruding out through the higher plants at 1 end out into the open swimming area , but really not sure if that would "work"...
  2. plantnoob

    aquascape plan "take 1" thoughts

    nowhere near ready to order plants yet ( probably 2 months time ) but best to make mistakes in ms paint than with the real thing i figure .i am going for a triangle scape . no experience with plant choice in terms of mixing them together , so i just went with some i liked the look of . any...
  3. plantnoob

    easiest aquascape for a beginner ?

    i've been looking more and more at aquascaping over the last day or 2 , and to be honest i find this part an even more daunting prospect than i did growing healthy plants . now i will concede , that probably the most important consideration in your 1st planted tank is to get the basics of...
  4. plantnoob

    best places for wood

    im sure i used to remember seeing lots of sites with a great selection of redmoor and sumatra driftwood , but now i cant seem to find much of a choice other than aquaessentials . any good sites worth a mention ?