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  1. sussex_cichlids

    Good online plants

    Check out http://plantsalive.co.uk ive had load of plants from them always been good quality you can see some photos me unpacking some of the plants on my journal Three Peaks there very well priced and delivery is always when they say they will
  2. sussex_cichlids

    Coldwater Tank Fishless Cycle

    yea that OK but if you heat it to 30 just while you cycle it your cycle the tank faster get heater in there crank it up to 30c then that will get it done quicker Also where do you live? You maybe find another member can help you out with some mature media or sludge from there filter ? that will...
  3. sussex_cichlids

    Coldwater Tank Fishless Cycle

    Tomo were about do you live maybe there another member near you that could give you some bacteria out of there filter. That will speed the cycle up also don't listen to the LFS they giving out bad advice ignore them add the Nutrafin Cycle as instructed on the bottle don't introduces any fish...
  4. sussex_cichlids

    Coldwater Tank Fishless Cycle

    Just going jump in not sure if someone has covered this but here bit useful advice The bacteria that you culturing in the filter will multiple quicker if you heat the water as the bacteria loves warmer water this will help you cycle filter quicker if you have a heater use it on about 30c you...
  5. sussex_cichlids

    how many members partners get involved with the hobby

    Now this is interesting My missus loves watching the the main display tank in the evenings and going to LFS or not so LFS what woman don't like shopping she will even pick a copy of PFK up from time to time and have a read she also just started showing interest in the breeding program Ive just...
  6. sussex_cichlids

    Why is the Aquatics Industry so small? (UK)

    This would get you started George http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pet-Shop-aqua ... 27c331980e If only i had £5000 spear i would have this for my shed
  7. sussex_cichlids

    Why is the Aquatics Industry so small? (UK)

    Worthing you got Pets@Home Brighton you got Fishy Business Paraquatics Maidenhead Aquatics on the race course Tranquility Woodingdean [Closed] Eastbourne you got Pets@Home Aquamania Fishy Business Seaside Aquatics World Of Water Hailsham you got Fish Around Dicker Aquatics Lewes you got...
  8. sussex_cichlids

    Why is the Aquatics Industry so small? (UK)

    I dont think it small in any scale in the UK few years ago the aquatics trade did take bit of a dive as i sore about 4/5 local shops close or down size and other shops stop retailing fish altogether not just small shops but some quite big name in the trade like Fishy Business think they only...
  9. sussex_cichlids

    How much time do people spend actually watching their tanks?

    Re: How much time do people spend actually watching their ta I must admit i spend best part of the day in front of mine can get lost starring into it for hours think the longest spent looking at one of my tanks must been about 4 hours or more I like they way the chairs positioned its perfect...
  10. sussex_cichlids

    what happens if power goes out

    Just in case of a power cut i have a battery powered Air Pump w Air-stone that keeps my o2 levels up while i wait for the power come on and for heat i fill a few 2ltr bottle with hot water boiled off the hob then float them on the top of the tanks water Power cuts down are way can be quite...
  11. sussex_cichlids

    Newbie Guide to the Planted Tank

    Hi d_scherrer Plants look nice and helthy displays looks very wild clown loach like to be in goups of 4 or more will make the one you got a lot happyer
  12. sussex_cichlids

    29 days in 2 mins

    Very Nice If only i had the money i would love a 100% ADA setup
  13. sussex_cichlids

    Hydro Koralia Nano (power head)

    Ive found this with my Hydor Koralia Evolution 750 it ripping all the plants up so not using it till everything is well rooted in or i had idea of adding a Rotary Volume Fan Light Control Switch this would allow you to control the amount of voltage going to the power head allowing you to set...
  14. sussex_cichlids

    what do i need?

    After you been though the tutorials check out the journals you can see lots of tanks with lots of details of equipment used including plants and fish A good book for you to read if you can get a copy is Aquarium Displays Inspired By Nature By Peter Hiscock It covers everything you will need to...
  15. sussex_cichlids

    Aquarium Tracker

    Got a tape measures grab that get the demo and start adding a tank it will start giving useful info you can use stright away. Add lights, filter, heater information get you electic cost per KW off electric bill and it will generate electrical report with estimated cost. Track the water...
  16. sussex_cichlids

    Aquarium Tracker

    Far better then anything you can do in excel Get the free 30day demo from there site above just set it up for one of you tanks then generate a report would take ages to make all the algorithms and macros its far more advanced then anything you can do with excel give it ago your be impressed...
  17. sussex_cichlids

    Aquarium Tracker

    I was searching google this morning for a good aquarium tracking software i use to use similar piece of software for tracking the bloodlines of the bearded dragon i use to breed keeping notes on health, worming and vet appointments Just come across this Aquarium Lab 2012...
  18. sussex_cichlids

    homemade spraybar

    trick to cutting or drilling any plastic stop it cracking/spidering is to cover it with masking tape before cutting also help for marking the holes you can also try 6mm holes first if you don't like the flow start on increase few holes at a time with say an 8mm hole to you get what you looking...
  19. sussex_cichlids

    Cheapest liquid carbon?

    EasyCarbo - 250ml - £5.75 http://www.fluidsensoronline.com Easy Life EasyCarbo is a cheap alternative to CO2. A liquid Carbon that can also be used to kill algae in planted aquariums...
  20. sussex_cichlids

    Plants dying and rotting in newly setup vision 260

    Your right plants dont need co2 while lights are out all plants will use little oxygen at night you should put co2 on hours before lights on and off hour before lights out when your lights are out you can use a bubbler
  21. sussex_cichlids

    Plants dying and rotting in newly setup vision 260

    Not sure about how there growen. i know that they both import there plants weekly and dont grow there own. but ive never had any plants melt on me when buying from a decent supplier all the plants ive broought from plants alive and java-plants have all gone on to make nice mother plants All...
  22. sussex_cichlids

    Plants dying and rotting in newly setup vision 260

    were did you buy your plants from some some plants are grown above water some are grown below water if your plants supplier has plants that have been grown en above water they will die back before take as the plants is use to breathing Co2 from air its now got to convert to underwater plant...
  23. sussex_cichlids

    Basic setup for planted tank newbie

    Ive been aquascaping for 6 years over that 6 year learnt a lot the hard way The biggest question you got to answer is what budget you planning your build on The basics to consider Tank size Lighting Substrate Co2 Ferts I had ago few years ago at planting a 600ltr that just went wrong from...
  24. sussex_cichlids

    Good Scissors?

    JBL aquascaping tools http://bit.ly/vlqQWo
  25. sussex_cichlids

    Good Scissors?

    have a look here there loads to pick from also depend on how much you have to spend http://bit.ly/sCctlG