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  1. plantnoob

    any suggestions?

    i love the look of a nice big jungle of valis in the background of a tank , but as i use liquid carbon , that rules it out as a choice for my tank . is there anything easy that will give the same look that doesnt turn to mush with liquid carbon ?
  2. plantnoob

    moss and anubias

    when growing both moss and anubias on 1 large piece of wood , do you need to make sure the moss doesnt spread over the roots / rhizome of the aubias ?
  3. plantnoob

    are these choices ok?

    after a badly failed high tech i shyed away from all things planted , but having just picked up a used roma 240 ive decided to have another crack but not high tech . low light using the romas standard lighting of 2x40w t8 , neutro co2 and neutro+ along with APF substrate capsules
  4. plantnoob

    what bacopa is this ?

    i bought this as caroliniana , although looking at pictures online im not so sure . looks more like this lanigera to me . http://www.aquaticplantcentral.com/forumapc/plantfinder/details.php?id=274
  5. plantnoob

    is this hairnet too coarse for riccia?

    asked the missus to get me a hairnet for my upcoming riccia carpet whilst she was in town today . she came back with this . are the holes too big ? IMG_0168 by mark pettican, on Flickr
  6. plantnoob

    riccia carpet , am i mad ?

    evr since seeing t step by step guide , ive really wanted to try out a riccia carpet . just love the way they look .well i couldnt resist it after seeing such a good deal on ebay . looking more likely that im going to win the big old tub of riccia im bidding on at the moment . its a 7 inch by 4...
  7. plantnoob

    anubias . how do you fix yours ?

    just curious , do you folks tie or wedge yours ? i ask because i found that where i wanted my anubias nana , there was a convenient nook to wedge the rhizome in . im assuming that it will take root in the wood just fine like this still ?
  8. plantnoob

    where to buy 1-2 grow and in vitro plants

    any other good sites for 1-2 grow / in vitro plants ? i know AE carry some , and ive forund a couple of sellers on ebay .
  9. plantnoob

    Nomaphila stricta

    thinking about getting a pot or 2 of this , but cant really find much info in terms of requirements / growth rate etc . anybody got experience with it ?
  10. plantnoob

    having problems with L. aquatica

    having issues with rangy growth in my limnophila aquatica . once i had some new,finer submerged growth , i trimmed them just below this and disgarded the old emersed bottoms and re-planted the lush new tips . now they have grown quite a bit , but only the top inch to inch and a half is the...
  11. plantnoob

    aeriel roots

    i think thats what they are called , the roots that sprout from the stems of stem plants . can you/should you trim them off , or is it best to hide them with other plants ?
  12. plantnoob

    the truth about red plants

    do red plants such as , say Alternanthera rosaefolia for example ,really require strong light to show the lovely red colours , or is it just a case of requiring good levels of a specific nutrient ?
  13. plantnoob

    question about limnophila aquatica

    the whole reason i chose limnophila aquatica is because of the lovely furry/feathery appearance like in this photo Plant Details mine however looks like this transition , or problem ? | UK Aquatic Plant Society im refering to the general form , rather than the highlighted areas in the photo...
  14. plantnoob

    transition , or problem ?

    came home from work today , and noticed some of the tips of my L. aquatica seem to be suffering ,im thinking maybe transition , as it was only planted 2 days ago . 125L tank 2x24w t5 , eheim 2213 , 1400lph and 400 lph powerheads , ei dosing , drop checkers both nice and lime green ( 4dkh bromo...
  15. plantnoob

    moss portion sizes

    would 10 gramms be considered a large sizewd portion of moss ?
  16. plantnoob

    minimun substrate depth for HC?

    ideally i want as little substrate visible at the bottom of the front glass on my tank as possible . there is a black band around the bottom , which i have just measured , and it is 20mm . whilst i dont expect that to be deep enough , i dont want to go any deeper than absolutely needed at the...
  17. plantnoob

    which makes the better carpeting plant?

    HC "cuba" or eliocharis sp "mini" ?
  18. plantnoob

    aponogeten crispus

    once my tank is cycled and i plant it id really like this plat in a rear corner . the only trouble is its only a roma 125 , 80x35x50 cm could it work ? i actually like the idea of a few leaves trailing on the surface giving a slightly shady spot ( but not too much ) could overly big leaves be...