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  1. mattyc

    Can BBA be green?

    I have been loosing the battle with algae for a while now, the origional cause i think was poor co2 (the diffuser came off the pipe all the time). I have changed the deffuser and not had the problem since but i still have the algae. it is on the leaves of my V. nana and my crypts. It looks a bit...
  2. mattyc

    Green Hair Algae problem help

    i have loads of gha in my tank (because my mum was looking after it for a while) and im going to get it sorted out when i get back home. What is the best way to get rid of my algi? Tank specifications - 60 litres. Lighting - unknown think it is a 25w t4 - 8 hours. CO2 - None but have a...