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    Life expectancy of aquarium silicone ?

    From what Ive heard and seen : 15-20 years is the upper limit 10-15 years is the mid level limit 8-10 years is the ideal - got your moneys worth time period. I wouldnt go above this on anything larger than a 60cm. My 75cm is 9 years old now and Im looking to replace it soon. These figures are...
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    Silicone and tank longevity

    From what I know, if the tank has always contained water, it last longer. Keeping it dry reduces the life of the silicone although I have no idea to what extent. As for general life of a tank, 15 odd years is a good safe bet for a tank in use. 10 years if you are paranoid like me !! I have to...
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    Water Chillers

    Ill give you some advice as a fishkeeper from Mumbai where its hot and humid for half the year and cooling the tank is a perpetual discussion on our fish groups 1] Cooling or PC fans are good enough to keep water temps at acceptable levels IF your average humidity levels are below 70* and you...
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    Using car radiator as cooler

    They do drop the temps and keep them down even in the Tropics by 4-5 degrees but only during winter when the humidity is below 50 and ambient is 20-25 anyways :P
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    Double sided tape - safe?

    I just use plastic clothes clips on wires to hold them onto the glass. I do this for powerheads so that they dont fall if the suction cups fail. the two halves of the clip dont hold the inner and outer parts of the wire but the hinge part pushes down the wire onto the glass. Wire is passed...
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    Cabinet motion sensor lighting

    It should work. I used to use the one from Ikea. Unfortunately my was stuck on a bit precariously and came off and got crushed by the door :P
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    Using car radiator as cooler

    Unfortunately there are no cheap or easy ways to cool a tank. Im speaking from experience. Fans can cool your tank enough IF your ambient humidity is low due to evaporative cooling. The number of fans will obviously depend on the size of the tank, 4-6 120mm or 80mm should be sufficient on a four...
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    Timers - Mechanical, Digital, Remote, WiFi

    Ive had no luck with a few different mechanical timers in the past, they always seem to lose time at different rates and a lot of it. By the end of the month there would be a difference of 30-45 minutes from the set timing. Currently been using digital timers from DX. Only had one complete...
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    At it again but...diy led lights!

    How did you do the bends ? I bought one of these but didnt use it cos I thought Id need to cut and solder each bend. Can you post a closeup photo of the the parts where the strip curves please ? Thanks
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    UV-C Sterilizers

    But they allegedly affect micro ferts. Is this true or is it hogwash since our fluorescent lights emit UV anyways ?
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    Painting a wooden tank lid

    Remember to sandpaper the living hell out of it first !! The two coats primer 1st coat should be a little thinner to help it fill the pores in the wood 2nd coat of normal consistency. If its a bit uneven then allow it to dry completely and then sand it with 600 grit paper Follow up with 2 coats...
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    Silicone for acrylic tank ?

    You could make a glue by dissolving acrylic shavings in acetone