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  1. Kristoph91

    Amanos Settling In

  2. Kristoph91

    Weird Cherry Shrimp

    I have this one shrimp, who spends a lot of his time "walking" under the surface of the water. He's the only one who does it. Photos cropped and doesn't look so great. sorry! IMG_1675 by KrisHumphreys1991, on Flickr
  3. Kristoph91

    What the F**k is this !?! HELP

    I was looking into the shrimp tank this morning, having a coffee.. When I saw what looked like a shrimps molt. When I looked closer it seemed to be a tiny clear "spring". It was crawling up the moss, very slowly and its movement was really cumbersome. Is it a parasite? It scared me a...
  4. Kristoph91

    My New S Grade CRS

    Hi guys, just thought I'd throw up a pic of my new venture. Got four of these beautiful shrimp last week, and they seem to be doing pretty good! The photo was taken on my HTC phone, thought it was a pretty decent shot for a phone! Let me know what you think, will be posting pics of...
  5. Kristoph91

    Moving ALL shrimp to new tank. Scared!

    Hi guys, I've had a tank maturing for a few months now. It's only 30L but I want to turn it into a heavily planted "Jungle" for shrimp. I have a lot of RCS (40+ they've been breeding very well) and four CRS which I acquired last week. Right now, they're in a 20L tank. I say this is too small...
  6. Kristoph91

    Shrimp Grades?

    Can someone please explain these to me ? I have no idea how they work. Thanks :D
  7. Kristoph91

    Filters on Shrimp Only Tank?

    What kind of filters are you guys running on your shrimp only tanks? I accidentally sucked a juvenile shrimp into the impeller on my Azoo HOB today. Felt so bad after it. :( Guess some have to get lost along the way though.. Cheers, Kris
  8. Kristoph91

    sparkling gourami's and shrimp?

    Hi guys, Saw two lovely sparkling/croaking gourami's today in the LFS and at 3 pound each didn't think they were a bad price.. just wondering though - would they be ok with my RCS ? thanks, Kris
  9. Kristoph91

    GlowLight Tetras and Shrimp ?

    I have four glowlights in my 30L tank. There is around 15 RCS in there, will the tetras bully the shrimp or attack them? Thanks, Kris.
  10. Kristoph91

    Golden Apple Snails Eat Plants ?

    I saw these in my local LFS recently, and I was wondering if they are good algae eaters and whether or not they eat plants and how they reproduce. Anyone got any info ? Thanks Guys :) Kris.