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    tesco cat litter cap - didnt rinse, am i in trouble?

    hi all doing my rescape and didnt have enough akadama to get the slopes i was after so i bought some tesco cat litter to cap it off, i got the correct variety i didnt realize it was perfumed, (it doesnt smell) i figured people just rinse it for dust so anyway i was only using a little bit so i...
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    leaving some old substrate in tank?

    hi all im doing a rescape I have akadama & gravel in the tank and more akadama there to top up and build some mounds with etc is there any advantage in leaving in all or some of the old substrate its 6yrs old and has never been changed, its full of mulm is it full of baddies or is there any...
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    akadama under aquasoil / bagging akadama?

    hi all i did a search, assumed this would have come up before but didnt see anthing have plenty of akadama but want to try aquasoil could i build up a bit with akadama and cap with aquasoil to keep the cost down? will it be a mess in time, will the akadama come up through the aquasoil? this...
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    arrggh - didnt buy enough flourite sand

    hi guys i have just received my order from aquaristic and I didnt buy enough flourite black sand (kinda knew in my heart of hearts but the package was getting too heavy) i was going to have the flourite under a dorset pea gravel top what can i do? Could i mix the flourite sand with say 30%...
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    Help needed - limited substrate options

    hi all i have still not solved my substrate issues I live in Ireland and there is limited choices here, i cant afford the cost of shipping from uk or usa there are a couple of german sites that will post to me at very reasonable rates i am particulalry intersted in the ab aqua terralit which...
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    non-clouding substrate

    hi all i am about to embark on my first proper planted tank i have a 36" x 12" x 15" clearseal tank with an overhead luminaire with compact flourescents at 57w i have grown some low level plants in a juwel rekord 60 with the standard 15w with no co2 and inert sand and only using tetra...