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  1. plantnoob

    expectations / actions correct?

    some tank specs 1st . fluval roma 240 so 4ft 240L , lighting standard roma 2x40w t8 , soil substrate capped with sand . no pressurised co2 . planted the tank saturday and as expected leaves are starting to suffer . this i put down to the plants having to adapt from emeresed growth to submersed...
  2. plantnoob

    plants ordered for my 2nd attempt

    after a miserably failed high tech last year i packed it all in in utter dismay and disillusionment .picked up a 2nd hand roma 240 so decided to take the bull by the horns and have another go, but this time low light , no co2 , easier plants and liquid carbon with soil substrate. saturday ive...
  3. plantnoob

    today was not a good day!

    woke up this morning , looked at the tank and thought something doesnt look right . so i switched the lights on to find that the 1200lph powerhead i use to power my co2 reactor had slid down the glass , ripping the hose off , and was sat in the bottom of the tank blasting aquasoil and plants...
  4. plantnoob

    what to do next?

    it looks like im starting to win my ongoing battle with co2 . hair algae is alomost gone , no new algae and now im getting plants pearling away a couple of hours after lights on . ive wanted to get more plants in for a while , but resisted until i beat co2 and stopped melting/killing plants . at...
  5. plantnoob

    liquid carbon based tanks

    giving serious consideration to selling on my reg etc and going to a liquid carbon based tank . what im trying to find is a good comprehensive list of plants for such a setup ( not sure wether its classed low tech or "mid tech" . anybody got any good links please ?
  6. plantnoob

    just grabbed a reet bargain :)

    7 x 4 inch tub of riccia fluitans (aquatic plant) | eBay its carpeting time ;)
  7. plantnoob

    "a little maintainence"

    got the pipe for my full length spraybar today , so decided to take the up atomiser off and get the new reactor setup plumbed in . that was 8 hours ago , and ive just sat down :crazy: being heavy handed and snapping the bit off the reactor that takes the co2 hosing didnt exactly help...
  8. plantnoob

    pearling or something else?

    ive always known pearling to be when the leaves of plants have little oxygen bubbles all over them , but is it the same thing when plants realease big streams of bubbles ? my anubias nana does have what i know as "normal" pearling on a few leaves , but the newly forming leaf is literally going...
  9. plantnoob

    baffled and in need of help

    got 2 problem areas in my tank . the hairgrass in the front , whilst growing well is collecting hair algae , and the hygro corymbosa stricta rear left has started to disintigrate/melt away in the last couple of days. im leaning towards co2/flow being the problem but im seeing fantastic growth in...
  10. plantnoob

    gotta love it when you get service like this

    my bromo blue sollution has gone off in the bottle after a couple of months . looking on AE where i ordered it from it said depending on storage methods it should be good for up to 2 years . so in the ask a question bit i asked what was the best way to store it as mine had gone green quickly ...
  11. plantnoob

    need some help with my general setup

    the problem getting good even flow/distribution . starting to get hair algae creeping back in . blyxa seems to be suffering/melting . im trying different configurations and i seem to be ending up with plants blasted all over the place some areas , little to no movement in others . or fairly...
  12. plantnoob

    thank you ukaps members

    yep thats right its 1 of those sycophantic " you lot are so great " posts :) seriously though , i just wanted to thank you all for the great advice and help i have received with setting up my 1st planted tank . much appreciated folks .
  13. plantnoob

    tying moss

    if i wanted a branch of redmoor to be completely covered 360 degrees in moss do i need to tie it to the underside as well or just the top ?
  14. plantnoob

    fine brown dust on plant leaves

    im getting this annoying fine brown dust on my leaves . looks like its coming from the aquasoil as its the same colour . ive got a combined flow/turnover of 2190LPH . plenty of movement in the plants , yet i clean it off and a few hours later its back . oddly , the ozelot at the rear right...
  15. plantnoob

    right move or schoolboy error ?

    came home from work this evening , and figured i needed to do some maintainence on the tank , ie some trimming . the Gymnocoronis spilanthoides was near the surface , but very skinny looking . not unhealthy , but needs to bush out ( all the leaves/growth nerer the tops ) . with this i removed...
  16. plantnoob

    when its time to lengthen photoperiod

    at the moment with the tank being freshly planted , im running lights for 6 hours . this will increase to 8 hours . when and how is it best to do this ? should i let the plants grow in then gradually increase it over a few weeks ?
  17. plantnoob

    pearling already?

    my ludwigia repens "ruben" has been in the tank all of 5 hours and already there are bubbles coming from some of the leaves . could it really be pearling so soon , or is there another explenation ?
  18. plantnoob

    so far 1 massive dissapointment . happier now

    plants arrived today , the polysperma wasnt great , the leaves looked a bit battered , the corymbosa was almost non existant , virtually nothing in the pot , 3 tiny little stems . the ozelot , well i cant comment on that because it was missing . didnt even effin get it :twisted: they are...
  19. plantnoob

    something i just realised i need to ask

    with my plants coming on thursday , i will be planting when i get home from work , around 4pm ish . my intended photo period will have lights start at 2pm . should i be plugging the lights and co2 into the timers tomorrow night so all is running when its planted ( i will be draining tank to...
  20. plantnoob

    easiest planted setup for rio 125?

    im trying to get some advice for my missus' friend who wants a planted tank . she got the tank 2nd hand with some plants already in it , along with a serious algae infestation . i did ask in the algae section and got some advice to help her bring it around , but she has said she wants to start...
  21. plantnoob

    step by step aquascape videos

    ive just watched the ones on TGM's youtube chanel and loved them . both interesting and really informitive and helpful. anybody know of good sites with videos in a similar vein ?
  22. plantnoob

    hope im ready . been doing last minute checks

    got to admit im a little nervous waiting for my plants to arrive . the thought of melting £101 worth of plants is crushing ! been going over everything just to make sure all is tickity boo . gone through co2 connections checking for leaks , cleaned filter , tested timer plugs , tweaked powerhead...
  23. plantnoob

    finally ordered my plants!

    after several irritating delays i have finally ordered the plants for my 1st planted tank :) i ordered the following : 1 pot Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis' 1 pot Hygrophila polysperma 1 pot Cryptocoryne beckettii 'petchii' 2 pots Ludwigia sp. 1 pot Lindernia rotundifolia 1 pot Limnophila...
  24. plantnoob

    i love purigen !

    ive had bitty water in my tank a bit messy from new aquasoil , so yesterday i put a bag of purigen in the filter and today its absolutely crystal clear . bloody fantastic stuff !!
  25. plantnoob

    just want to check something before i order

    so called "light demanding" plants can be grown with less light as the co2/flow/nutrients etc is more important , and they will just grow a bit slower in lower light . is that right ? i have a fluval roma 125 with 2x24w t5 . pressurised co2 and EI ferts , ada amazonia substrate i have just...
  26. plantnoob

    white slime on redmoor new photo , this is extreme !

    started to hardscape my tank a couple of days ago . i got a nice piece of redmoor off ebay , boiled it for a good hour , and put it in the tank . now the wood and some of the substrate has white fungus/algae on it , and there seems to be a small amount floating in the water column too . no...
  27. plantnoob

    which koralia ?

    my external filter ( eheim 2213 ) isnt going to give enough turnover/flow . im looking at hydor koralias . they do a 900lph version , and the next size up on AE is 1600lph . in a 125L im thinking the 1600 would be a bit much and the 900 would be the best choice . yay or nae ?
  28. plantnoob

    waterchanges in the planted tank

    with such emphasis being placed on the importance of consistant and stable co2 injection , i got to wondering what impact waterchanges have on things and when the best time is to do them . are they best done when the lights are off and the co2 isnt running ?
  29. plantnoob

    best startup practice?

    having been reading so much info lately , concentrating on the importance of getting flow/distribution/levels of co2 etc spot on from day 1 ( great co2 atricle by ceg on here ), i now have 1 last thing i need to get absolutely clear in my mind before planting. what is the best practice for...
  30. plantnoob

    forgive me if this is a dumb question

    photoperiods. does it matter what time of day i set my lights to come on or does it have to be morning ? will plants be ok if it started at around 1pm? i really want to start it then as due to my strange and variable working hours ( swapping from days to nights etc ) if i had the lights come on...
  31. plantnoob

    a couple of questions i havent touched on yet

    how long do you need to use the initial shorter photoperiod for ? are daily water changers really needed to start with ? do you start dosing right away or let plants settle 1st ? im sure il think of more questions on these little finer points as i do more research too :)
  32. plantnoob


    i know on face value it seems that they are expensive , although i know their plants are reputed to be amongst the best available . but im wondering , is it really likely to work out that expensive ? it does look from the pictures that each pot contains quite a lot of plants , especially with...
  33. plantnoob

    cleaning dry algae from a used tank

    ive bought a 2nd hand tank which will need a good clean before use . lots of old gsa on the glass , which is no problem just a bit of elbow grease , but what about the old dried algae in the corners and siliconed joints ? whats the best way to totally eradicate this without damaging the joints...