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  1. plantnoob

    algae back with a vengance

    i though i had my algae problems behind me , nut no ive got more than ever . hair algae is back at substrate level , an unknown algae on the hygrophila , ive got either greeen dust or green spot on the front glass , and i found staghorn on 1 of the leaves of my anubias . there is even a bit of...
  2. plantnoob

    is this hair algae?

    getting this down at substrate level mainly . predominantly on the hairgrass.from searching around the web , i think it may be hair algae , but im not sure . 125L tank 2x24w t5 on for 6.5 hours . co2 at 4bps ( turned it up a few days ago thinking it was probably the root of the issue) . combined...
  3. plantnoob

    friends tank , can these be saved?

    my missus' friend just bought a 2nd hand rio 125 . the plants all came with it and are seriously infested with algae .its standard rio 125 lighting , and juwel internal filter . i have no idea what , if any the dosing regime was ie liquid carbon or none etc . not sure what the plants are but to...