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  1. YzemaN


    Nice! Still very lush and delicious :)
  2. YzemaN

    First Attempt (Rio 180)

    Nice start Richard! If you "fancy rocks and HC Cuba or something..." you might want to take a look at zig's Mountainscape V2 here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3193 I believe it finished 15th in last years ADA competition 8)
  3. YzemaN

    A Great British Biotope

    Really inspirational as always, George! What are the water parameters? Did you do anything special to the tank or has it just been run with EI? I know in the winter a lot of the lakes and ponds in Northern Europe go through a temperature drop, would it be necessary to emulate that in our tanks...
  4. YzemaN

    My 35l

    Ooh, nice tank! What sort of plants do you have in there and how long has it been going?
  5. YzemaN

    Evolution of my 125Ltr

    Wow, I remember most of these pictures from when you originally posted them. I might spend too much time on UKaps... :oops: I like your minimalistic take on scaping. I forgot how little hardscape you actually have in your current scape. Minimum hardscape, maximum impact! Well done.