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    Plants dissolve

    Your tank parameters seem ok. It looks like only the bottom part of the plants is dissolving. If these are new plants from the shop then its normal when they are converting from emmersed to submerged growth patterns
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    New Utricularia sp. name ? Alternative to UG

    Could be. Searching for it threw up images of several other possible candidates though ! Has bosminifera been grown in the aquarium ?
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    New Utricularia sp. name ? Alternative to UG

    I remember seeing a new alternative to UG on this forum but cannot remember the species name or find that thread via search. It was similar to UG but with broader and shorter leaves and apparently easier to grow than UG. Can someone help me out with the info ?
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    Rotala changes colour daily.....

    In order to add to the confusion, Im seeing the same thing with my UG since the last few months. Its pale in the morning, before and after the lights just come on and gets back to its normal healthy bright green by the end of the day. Since its purely a green plant I think we can rule out the...
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    Need Help to Identify this plant

    I think its rotala sp "sunset"
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    Stocking plants

    Keep it in a cool place and maybe for a couple of hours expose them to some artificial light. Most of these are grown emersed anyways and it looks like there is some moisture inside the bags so you basically have mini greenhouse. Dont keep in the sun because it will get really hot and melt
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    Limnophila aromatica - The Rice Paddy Herb

    Oh in case it hasnt been mentioned before, I have seen cut portions of the leaves start to grow roots ! When I had it in my tank, I had to trim it regularly because it grew so fast and while pruning I guess some of the leaves got cut in half. Some of these got stuck in my moss wall and some time...
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    Aquatic Utricularias

    I hate Utricularia Gibba with a passion though which sometimes comes as a pest with farm plants then turns into an almost impossible to get rid of weed.
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    Frustrated..changed to bigger tank and can't grow plants anymore!!!

    What is the height of your tank ? If its too tall, lights are mounted too high or reflectors are absent then it could be that your lights arent reaching the substrate. Also, bump up the CO2. On such a large tank I think a reactor would work better.
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    which Bucephalandra?

    I dont think thats a buce at all. The growth pattern is wrong. Buces grown similar to anubias. Their leaves are also covered in iridescent spots. That looks to me like a small crypt. Possibly cryptocoryne flamingo in the midst of changing forms
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    The Lovely World of Bucephalandra!

    They have become quite popular in India now as well and every other hobbyist has become a Buce importer/salesman. A friend got a few varieties for me when he went to Malaysia at about half the price. I almost placed another large order for a few more recently but then after thinking about it I...
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    how to...hygrophilia Pinnatifida

    Hey I have some Pinnatifida collected from the wild in my tank. Im in Bombay and this was collected by a friend around 300km out of the city in a pond that is fed by a small stream. The pinnatifida was found mostly in its emerged state growing along the banks and just towards the edge of the...
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    Anubias Nana trimming precautions

    Thanks for the reply. Ive got some nice fire yellows in the tank and a few that are pretty much yellow rilis so I dont want to take a risk
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    Anubias Nana trimming precautions

    Theres a single nana in my tank that has grown out of the scape and needs to be trimmed. Luckily it was just planted with the rhizome placed lightly on the soil so it can be removed from the tank if needed. This is my first time trimming one and Ill need to cut the rhizome as well. Ive heard...
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    Midground plant suggestion

    While not at 30cm, crypt wendtii is a good midground plant and has several variants. HM is also a good option and grows quite tall in med light but definitely not 30cm, maybe 10-15cm max
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    Plants that grow well on rocks

    Hygro pinnatifida also grows on rocks but at a later stage once it is fully established in the tank
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    Eleocharis Acicularis - Several months and doesn't appear to have rooted?

    Mine was doing fine until after a trim, Now they all appear as though the are freshly planted in small bunces with some root showing. Any reason for that ?
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    Anyone tried these low tech...

    Pinnatifida NEEDS CO2 like we need oxygen to do well otherwise it will keep shedding leaves and die off. It can do well with medium lighting but high is best. It definitely ahs a pretty long adjustment period when newly introduced in a tank and I would not recommend buying it in its emerged...
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    Plant (?) identification - NAME FOUND - Caloglossa!

    I think its some type of utricularia. I think I can see bladders in the pic
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    Bucephalandra Collection - rare plants from Borneo

    Are you growing them on laterite rocks ?
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    hygrophila pinnatifida care

    I have some of them in my tank currently at 2.3 WPG with EI and CO2. As such they are growing fine but are quite leggy, dont have that pink colour on the underside of the leaves and tend to shed old leaves quite often making it a bit messy. I guess in higher light it would do better ?
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    Should I put the roots in the soil.

    Looks like Cabomba and Egeria to me
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    Juncus repens flowers

    Hey George have you noticed CO2 microbubbles from the UP diffuser clumping to form normal sized ones in the outlet bend when you have a high bps rate ? Its happening in my tank and I dont know what the solution is ? Maybe the flow rate of the filter is too low for a higher bubble rate ?
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    whats wrong plants not doing as well at all

    Hey I dont know if it is just the pics or if it is the same in real life but your lighting looks very pink-red. Are you using those display or fish colour enhancing tubes for lighting ? If so then you would be better off changing them to 6500K (cool daylight) tubes
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    Trimming Utricularia Graminifolia

    You could trim a few of the bunches to see what happens and leave the rest
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    Super red Blyxa japonica

    Hey didnt know you were a member of this site too. Great looking blyxa BTW
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    Tissue culturing.

    Just finished my Msc from Nottingham a year and a half ago. Im working right now and plan on doing so for another couple of years atleast before doing my PhD.
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    Tissue culturing.

    Shouldn't be too hard but it obviously depends on the species, conditions you provide to it and the starter culture used. Random : Hey Lisa I'm a molecular biologist too !
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    ultricularia graminifolia

    Hey just wanted to give you a heads up but it seems that liquid carbon can make UG melt
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    Can I grown these plants?

    I dont think a 2 watt light above a 9 litre tank is going to grow much. Other than this all your other stuff is fine
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    Getting stems to grow straight up

    I doubt it is the substrate bouncing light. Mine is a medium brown and quite dull. The stems are right below a tube and all of them are getin enough light either from the tube directly above it or the one next to that. Surprisingly the tallest stem is showing the most curly growth. It is...
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    Getting stems to grow straight up

    The moving from low light to high ight ting is quite possible. The stems were in low light tanks in the shop when I got them. Can anyone else confirm this or suggest how I could straighten them out ?
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    Getting stems to grow straight up

    I have some rotala indica and wallichi in my tank and all of them seem to be growing in every direction possible other than straight up ! They arent growing 'towards the light' or anything like that, the light is right above them. Is there any way to get them to grow straight upwards ? I also...