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  1. Mr T

    Root tablets

    Anyone know of a good source of cheap but worthwhile root tabs? I'm even up for a diy route if anyone knows of any good recipes. I have seen the one where you mix it with clay but am not keen on adding clay to my tank. I did see these on e-bay...
  2. Mr T

    Flummoxed - James' All In One dosing help

    Greetings folks, I could do with a little help. I currently use EasyLife Pro-Fito as my main fertilizer. (Mainly because I managed to lay my hands on a couple of liters of it few a very cheap price.) Due to my work and just for shear convenience this is dosed automatically at 6ml per day (see...
  3. Mr T

    Is this guy bonkers?!

    Doing some general reading on the web, as you do. Stumbled accross this in another forum. Check out the 7th post. Is he just nuts or actually on to something?! :jawdrop http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/equipment/47553-pmfed-poor-mans-flourish-excel-drops.html Tesco
  4. Mr T

    Can I "add" to an all in one fertilizer?

    On my Osaka tank (see journal entry http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=10198) I currently dose 10ml of AE Aqua carbon and 4ml of EasyLife Profito daily. I have been reading up on the whole DIY dry ferts thing and think that may be the way to go in the future (specifically James C's DIY...