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  1. mzm

    Spezial N - Nitrogen Fertilizer

    Hi Toby, I have been looking at some of the links you have posted and it seems that most of the users posting their ferts regime do not only stick to the Spezial N - Nitrogen Fertiliser on it own. Besides the Spezial N they add ferts such as ?AquaRebell Mikro Sepzial "Hybrid", ?Kaliumphosphat...
  2. mzm

    Spezial N - Nitrogen Fertilizer

    hi hoggie thanks for your reply. Luckily I can read German and indeed, for high light setups it is daily whilst for low light setups it is 2 - 3 times a week.
  3. mzm

    Spezial N - Nitrogen Fertilizer

    Hi Tobi, very interesting post and I would definately like to try out your recipe. You state 1ml for 50l. How often do you dose this? Daily? Regards, Michael
  4. mzm

    CSM+B ?

    I am currently dosing CSM+B and EI. I have recently added some Rotala Macrandra and over the past three weeks I have seen the plant deteriorate although it has a TMC 14000K LED tile right on top of it with co2 addition etc. I keep reading that besides low temperature, co2, loads of ferts, high...