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  1. Ross

    Is this Rare?

    Yip its not a pest snail it even had those little spikes on it.The two parents are those Porcupine Nerites I got from Aqua Essentials awhile back.
  2. Ross

    Is this Rare?

    I have a few Nerite snails in my tank there is two of them which seems to be very keen on laying eggs everywhere not rare I know but not that long ago while doing a water change I noticed on the sand a very small Nerite snail with the same markings as the two who lay the eggs.Now I can only...
  3. Ross

    Assassin snails safe with Nerite snails?

    I was hoping to add some Assassin snails to mop up my MTS and I have about 8 Nerites will they be safe?I dont want to put them in danger because I love my nerites :D
  4. Ross

    The snail shop

    The Nerites I got are very healthy very pleased with them