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  1. Levinen

    Nature of the wall

    I would like to show you my new aquarium. This is no ordinary project. Is built into one wall of the apartment. I was scared at first because of the cleaning and care, but fortunately this is not a problem. Four months in the aquarium and everything is fine with that. I hope you like it. Start...
  2. Levinen

    Moss Spot

    Hi again. I made a new layout that you want to show. I'm curious your opinion! Start date: 2009.11.29. Tank: 40x25x25 (25l) Lighting: DIY with 1x24w Dulux L Daylight (5400K) Osram Filtration: Eheim 2211 (300l/h) ceramic rings Substrate: ADA amasonia Fertilizer: KNo3, K2So4, KH2Po4, Micro+...
  3. Levinen

    At the river side (25 liters of Ryuboku)

    Hey England, UKAPS hello! Levine'm from Hungary, an enthusiastic aquascaper. Keymaker highly recommended for this site, and so many viewers, reading. I thought that the nano akváriumomat roamer here to give me an opinion about it. At home I got a pretty good assessment, but I am interested in...