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  1. Sumo

    Dosing with Ammonia and Urea

    Boron deficiency seems. Best regards
  2. Sumo

    Tropica, Aqua Essentials and Garden Direct Chelated Traces

    Hello James. If fertilize EI with dry salt, should be lowered to half the traces (CSM+B)? Happy New Year to all British aquarist. Sumo
  3. Sumo

    How does Plant Biomass affect EI Dosing

    Hola Ceg4048 Thanks for the "bienvenida". My city is 210kms Montevideo, south-east of the country, bordering South with Brazil (130kms). I am reading UKAPS forum because I found an excellent site JamesC, and I am interested in his experiments with the Urea. UKAPS forum is very good, I read it...
  4. Sumo

    How does Plant Biomass affect EI Dosing

    As should initiate a tank with EI? 70lts. 90W CO2 30ppm Substrate: Clay, humus, sand. Full Planted. Thanks. Regards. Sumo.