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  1. Dexie

    Hello from Basingstoke!

    Hi Welcome to the forum :D You've come to the right place, you'll find a wealth of knowledge and experience on this site. Read lots, ask questions and enjoy the hobby.
  2. Dexie

    My 850ltr Tank

    That's looking really good - I'd love a tank that size
  3. Dexie

    A Few Photos of My Fish Bowl

    Really impressive, love the shot with the trees outside the window behind :clap:
  4. Dexie

    First attempt at a planted tank - fingers crossed

    Thanks Tim Problem is I want the Anubias where it is, but facing the other way lol
  5. Dexie

    First attempt at a planted tank - fingers crossed

    It's been a couple of weeks since I've planted the tank and so far so I think things are going ok considering I'm in charge. I added a few more plants Amazon swords Hydrocotyle Sagittaria Anubias Nana I've experienced some crypt melt (as expected) but not too much, I removed the affected...
  6. Dexie


    There were when I took them too lol :lol: Well done fantastic results :clap: what's your plan now 'A' levels?
  7. Dexie

    Members Backgrounds

    I left school with out a clue as to what I wanted to do :?: . Worked in Selfridges London for a while, then in an Opticians. Then had various secretarial/admin jobs until I had my daughter at which point I childminded for a while. Went back to admin jobs :|. Completed the Certificate of...
  8. Dexie

    Tanks...How do you enjoy yours?

    I love to watch my fish going about their business, especially watching the tetras playing in the filter output stream. They spend hours swimming against the flow and then turning 180 degrees and surfing the flow across the tank - just brilliant :D
  9. Dexie

    Removing tank braces

    Are you sure the Juwel is glass - my Juwel of that size isn't glass
  10. Dexie

    Going for Gold the Olympics 2012.

    Absolutely - they have all done us proud. Well done to all of Team GB, all those medal winnings and all those who really gave s great performance but didn't manage a medal - everyone of them made me proud to be British. :D :clap: And I don't usually like sport!
  11. Dexie

    First attempt at a planted tank - fingers crossed

    Hi I should have thought to list the plants lol :oops: Elodea Densa Aponogeton Crispus Eleocharis Parvulus (dwarf hairgrass) Amazon Sword Bacopa Monnerii Twisted Vallisneria Sagittaria Natans Rotalla Indica Hygrophilia Polysperma Cabomba Carolinana Ludwigia Mullertii...
  12. Dexie

    My first sight..

    At long last I finally have a nice view to wake up to (hubby notwithstanding lol) :shh: :lol: Only planted it today so apologies for cloudy water:oops:
  13. Dexie

    First attempt at a planted tank - fingers crossed

    Hi I've kept fish for the best part of 20 years on and off, but have never a planted tank until now. So this is my first attempt at a planted tank and my first journal. So this 180l tank has been sat empty on my bedroom floor for a while waiting for my husband to build a stand bless him...
  14. Dexie

    Thag`s tank 250L

    That's a great looking tank you have there :clap: what is the fish in the 3rd picture under the video?
  15. Dexie

    Bloodworm coming from the substrate......

    lol shame free food
  16. Dexie

    Bloodworm coming from the substrate......

    Are the fish not interested in eating them?
  17. Dexie

    Your Sneakiest Tank Inhabitants?

    I had an upside down catfish a while back that I'd forgotten about totally, until one day I was moving the tank, so had emptied everything out including the big bit of bogwood. they was suddenly a loud thud as the poor thing hit the deck. That must b going back at least 5 years and he still...
  18. Dexie

    Shoeb's 15 gallon low tech

    Thanks Faizal I'm hoping to get going very soon too, in the mean time I'll keep an eye on your sons tank to see it progress. Fiona
  19. Dexie

    Shoeb's 15 gallon low tech

    Hey Faizal I've just been having another look at Shoyeb's very impressive non CO2 tank and I'm thinking about whether I really need to bother with easycarbo in my pending tank 180l tank given the low light levels that it is going to start with. What (if any) ferts do you use in his tank? Fiona
  20. Dexie

    Advice please - First planted tank very soon

    Thanks for you advice guys, I feel encouraged again :thumbup: So so much to learn :oops: I think initially I might look at powerheads and look at upgrading the filter at some point in the future, I'll see how things go. I'll upgrade the lighting as well (although need to prioritise as...
  21. Dexie

    Advice please - First planted tank very soon

    Oh dear - might need to think that this through a bit more :roll:
  22. Dexie

    17 US gallons excel supplemented tank ( 3rd Month !! )

    Hi Faizal Just found your journal. Really liking your tank. I'm looking for to seeing the 'rescape'. :thumbup: Fiona
  23. Dexie

    Advice please - First planted tank very soon

    Thanks guys Iain, the U4 output is 1000 lph, which although that sounded good when I bought it, seems to a bit on the low side from what I've read on here for my size tank. I off to look for the Barr Report now.
  24. Dexie

    Advice please - First planted tank very soon

    Thanks for your reply Richard, yes my water is super soft too. I think that's a good thing :?
  25. Dexie

    Advice please - First planted tank very soon

    I will be setting up my first planted tank in the next few weeks (fingers crossed). :) This is a tank is 180l and the project is very much on a low budget and at the moment only has one 25w T8 tube with a reflector. I'm not too worried about that at the moment, although I will up date the...
  26. Dexie

    Stocking suggestions

    Hi I'll be setting up my 3' 180l tank very soon now :D , so I'm starting to think about the fish that I will have in it. I've got some harlequins that were orginally in this tank, but have been moved to a 60l whilst this tank has been stripped down. Being a softy I'd like to put them back in...
  27. Dexie


    I was told the same a Maidenhead Aquatics, but I can't visualise 5-6 discus in my 160l tank :crazy: so I'm rethinking what I will stock my tank with once it's up and going. :?
  28. Dexie

    Shoeb's 15 gallon low tech

    That's a great looking tank - well done to your son :D
  29. Dexie

    My first sight..

    Hi Nathaniel, that's a very impressive cabinet :thumbup: :thumbup: Have to say you're not helping me with my patience lol Fiona
  30. Dexie

    My first sight..

    Hi Nathaiel Yes the tank is on the bedroom floor at the moment - not for much longer though hubby will be building a stand in the very near future - I hope. This patience thing is killing me, but don't want to risk upsetting the DIY expertise so I've been soooooo good and I've not nagged...
  31. Dexie

    Backgrounds - what do you have and why?

    Thank you :thumbup: :D
  32. Dexie

    Backgrounds - what do you have and why?

    Hi Emyr Thanks for your suggestion :D , but please forgive my ignorance :oops: when you said " The light dispersing film that you can get from the GM" did you mean The Green Machine? I tried looking on their site but could find it - or do you mean something completely different? Confused...
  33. Dexie

    My first sight..

    That's a fantastic tank to wake to up Whitey98 At the moment this is my first sight in the morning :oops: But I'm hoping for something a little greener in the not to distant future - patience is a virtue so I'm told lol :D
  34. Dexie

    Backgrounds - what do you have and why?

    I've used tin foil in the past because it reflected the light and added a bit of depth to the tank. Really liking the idea of sandblasted clear plastic - I might just try that idea :D
  35. Dexie

    A Chocolate Puddle -

    Re: A Chocolate Puddle Now with Chocolates That's an absolutely stunning tank - so impressive :D
  36. Dexie

    New to UKAPS

    Welcome :text-welcomewave:
  37. Dexie

    Newbe introduction (again)

    Thank you Spyder that's really nice of you. Only think is that I need to get the substrate yet. I'm thinking JBL Aquabasis toped with 2-3mm gravel. I've not considered emersed growing, I'll need to look in to that. Will saurogyne be ok in a low tech tank? I'm really green (excuse the pun)...
  38. Dexie

    Newbe introduction (again)

    Well it's halfterm and it's raining :D :thumbup: This means we're decorating, it's a slow process (always is in my house) but it's underway. Once room is finished, I need a little more patience whilst awaiting hubby to build tank stand - I did half threaten to start it myself, but he told...
  39. Dexie

    WOOD PORN. Depraved photos of contorted shapes. (Pic heavy)

    Re: WOOD PORN. Depraved photos of contorted shapes. (Pic hea Wow that's some nice looking wood - very jealous :jawdrop
  40. Dexie

    14x8x8 15L nano (rescape)

    Re: 14x8x8 15L nano Its off to a good start :D What fish are you thinking of?
  41. Dexie

    A Collection of Pictures / Video's

    Fantastic looking fish and very impressive photography :clap: :text-goodpost:
  42. Dexie

    My evolving Jungle style scape

    That's looking so good. Be interesting to see how it continues to evolve :clap:
  43. Dexie

    Swamp Creek - 2 years on updated June 2012

    Fantastic looking tank :clap: Sorry about your cat it is always so hard to say goodbye, but it's the last gift we can give to a pet we love to know when to say enough - very sad :(
  44. Dexie

    Aquagreen (the end)

    Re: Aquagreen (Just playing hardscape) That looks really good Looking forward to seeing the finished result :D
  45. Dexie

    My 130ltr Tank - *Updated Pics*

    Looks fantastic :clap:
  46. Dexie

    Show Your Pets

    Here are a couple of pictures of my rough coated lucher Dexter and one of my gorgeous girls who are both now in pet heaven :cry: Megan (the dog) and Chiffon (the cat)
  47. Dexie

    JBL Manado

    That's a great looking setup Clonitza - hope I can achieve something like it when I get my low tech tank setup :thumbup:
  48. Dexie

    Hypothetically, if you could choose only one..

    I'd go for the Harlequin too :D as for the plant I'm not sure the only plant i've had success with is the Java Fern. But will be set up my first planted tank soon so hopefully that will change :lol:
  49. Dexie

    Underwater footage of aquascape

    That's really cool :clap: :thumbup:
  50. Dexie

    Under substrate heating

    Thanks ceg4048 just had a quick flick through your link - think I'll save my money.
  51. Dexie

    Under substrate heating

    Hi I'm in the process of planning a low tech 40 gallon tank. I'm wondering what you all think of under substrate heating systems - are they worth while? I'm thinking at the moment of using JBL Aquabasis plus capped with gravel and planting slow growing undemanding plants (if they exist lol).
  52. Dexie

    How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

    I googled "planted aquarium" and here I am :D
  53. Dexie

    JBL Manado

    Hi I glad I've found this post, I've been considering getting aquabasis+ and manado for the tank that I'll be setting up in the next few months. Think I'll still use the aquabasis+ but will rethink the manado. Can I ask, the tescos cat litter, is that the clay based cat litter?
  54. Dexie

    Newbe introduction (again)

    Ady I think you're right, I noticed that after I 're-posted' - but my husband is always telling me I repeat myself. Spyder you're so right, I've already started looking at substrate, heater, possible plants etc. Problem is patience has never been my strong point, hopefully room will be...
  55. Dexie

    Newbe introduction (again)

    Hi All I posted an introduction a couple of weeks ago, but had a PM today to say it was deleted accidently lol (its ok Mark you're forgiven :wink: ) and to ask me to re-post my introduction - so if you think you're having a senior moment, you not, you have read this before lol. Any way ...
  56. Dexie

    Hello, new to forum

    Hello I've just registered so thought I'd say hello :wave: I've been keep fish for about 8 years, mainly my daughters 40 gallon tank that has lived in her bedroom. She had all the joy of the fish, I provided the nurture and maintenance wih none of the pleasure lol. As my daughters room has...