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  1. yoda

    how much ferts to dose

    got a rio 240 not much in way of plants in there (only 8 java ferns & some xmas moss) stocked with 10 cardinal tetras & 6 amano shrimp lighting is standard 2 x 54w with 8 hour photo period. tpn+ recommend 24mls per week going by label & easycarbo 5mls per day. im moving house soon & once i do...
  2. yoda

    dry fert advice

    hi all im thinking about changing my whole ferts dosing to dry ferts from here http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/dry-fer ... 5_146.html its a far more cost effective way of dosing & postage costs to northern ireland is blummin joke, could almost take ferry over to scotland & pick them up my self...
  3. yoda

    should i dose a new set up

    hi guys just a quick question for those of you in the know, im about to set up a small 35lt ark tank im planning on using jbl aqua basis plus topped with a layer of jbl manando substrate i bought one of the bucket kits from jbl were you get the jbl ferropol & ferropol 24. ive read & heard a...