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    The Accidental Aquascape

    Looks Great, Love the Light bracket very unique.
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    Mitch's fluval spec 19

    Couple of changes in the last few days. Moved hardscape around. opinions? also placed small pot of st. repens under root system. Got a new CO2 bottle, colombo one does fit tmc kit and has slightly more pressure in it. I was getting poor growth even from crypts. Im using the CO2 injection plus...
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    Mitch's fluval spec 19

    i will be filling the 'root system' with stauorogene (sp?) i think, but i will give it a go moving them closer in or i might just move the furthest one on the right, lets see how it goes. Thanks
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    Mitch's fluval spec 19

    Hi ukaps, This is the first time that i have decided to start a journal, so lets see how it goes. I got an askoll pure s for xmas but fancied something different as i recently did one for my girlfriend and it was a pretty restrictive size and design. So because i work at Maidenhead aquatics...