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    no more broken lily pipes!

    Thats what i was told on the phone (i work for a maidenhead aquatics). If they have changed their mind in the last couple of weeks and your lfs really can get some i would love to know so i can get some.
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    no more broken lily pipes!

    Tmc dont make the acrylic pipes. I have been phoning them from work since xmas about them. At first they said they were just playing with prototypes later they decided there wasnt really a market for them. Shame as they would of come in a nice case with a special set of cleaning brushes...
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    One day...

    i do my best at work (MA) to stock planted tank stuff but its hard because partners and senior partners sometimes dont understand the customer base that loves that kind off stuff. Plus the list of suppliers that have planted tank stuff that we can use isnt the biggest. Pretty much just TMC, JBL...
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    LFS Display Help!

    im not convinced tmc nutrafeed (fert) is that good, im having very little results with it and seeing lots of potassium deficiencies in some plants. I would switch to EI if i were you
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    TMC Signature optiwhite rimless...

    TMC are starting to make acrylic lily pipes. when we get them in at work i will take a photo
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    East african biotope

    Doesnt look like this will be happening anytime soon. It was took impractical and expensive to make my own vivarium that would sit over the tank but not allow the pygmy chameleons to fall into the water. Plus it would be took large. I will be looking at doing another vivarium aquarium biotope...
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    East african biotope

    no because the tank is only a 10gallon. I may just not bother with native fish but it would be nice
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    East african biotope

    Re: west african biotope yer sorry east africa. Revision kills the brain :)
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    East african biotope

    Im looking to set up a east african biotope to compliment a pygmy chameleon set up. I have a 18" 12" 12" plants like anubias come to mind but are there any other nice smallish plants that would work well. Also what fish would you recommend for the biotope. Its east african including...
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    Top Tips

    KISS Keep it simple stupid i.e If you just want to grow crypts or similar demand plants and are unsure on going high tech dont bother amazing scapes can be done with very very little light and for very little cost
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    fluval 4+ as co2 diffuser ?

    I wouldn't think it would give you a good dissolution rate as the venturi systems on them don't make fine bubbles so a lot of co2 would b wasted
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    Filter question.

    when I was at trimar yesterday I saw the aqua one aquis advanced filters the biggest one well it was huge it looked good and dirt cheap about 100quid less than fx5 for similar flow rate
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    Substrate confusion

    b and q play sand 3 quid a bag and your good to go as long as your light is low enough it will work brilliantly. I had a 15watt t8 on a tall 90l clearseal tank and it grew really well crypts and hygros no algae no added ferts didn't even have much flow it had a fluval u2