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  1. Mr T

    Dianema Urostriatum

    Has anyone seen any of these available anywhere in the UK recently? I had a couple about 10 years ago, but haven't seen them available anywhere pretty much since then. Great looking community fish and I'd really like to keep them again if only I could find them!
  2. Mr T

    EI ? PMDD ? All in One ? TPN+ ?

    Ive been using James' All in one dosed daily via peristaltic pump for over a year and a half with great results. It took a bit of tweaking during initial set up to get the daily dose right, and I've had to increase it slightly as plants have flourished. I bought all the powders from one of the...
  3. Mr T

    Fish ident help

    Fantastic, nice one guys. :D The forum geniuses work there magic again! Looking at the pics I'm pretty certain that they were Danio Choprai. They must have been happy in there as the colours were really vivid. I'm guessing that they are fairly easy to keep being danios and would be happy enough...
  4. Mr T

    Fish ident help

    Hello all, Just returned from a work trip to Bergen, Norway and whilst plodding round one afternoon came accross a display tank outside a local pet store (which was closed at the time!). Amogst all the usual stuff I managed to identify was a species I had never seen before. And no I'm affraid I...
  5. Mr T

    Saying goodbye!

    Crikey George, TAS?! Good luck mate. That place was the straw that broke the camels back for me. Now offshore (currently in port in Bergen, due to fly home today) and loving it. More money and only work 6 months of the year. All the best though, there are some damn fine Bombheads on TAS.
  6. Mr T

    Juwel Bioflow filters in Planted Tanks...Need Help!

    I can vouch for the Koralia pumps. I have 3 in my Osaka 260 tank (I have a very large pice of wood which would otherwise block flow) Powerful but gentle. Nice wide cone projected, unlkie a powerhead that tends to just produce a jet. I purchased mine online from City Aquatics in Cardiff. Excelent...
  7. Mr T

    Music on the go....

    Now, I know a lot of folk on here are really into their music. I'm guilty of that as well and have a quality system at home. However I work offshore and one of the things I miss most when I'm away is a decent sound system! Portable MP3 players are all well and good but they can rarely power a...
  8. Mr T

    Does anyone have this??

    Carefull! I think that piccy is from American Psycho and he's just about to dispatch his next victim with an axe whilst calmly giving a critique on a Huey Lewis album! Wouldn't want to annoy someone like that! :D :twisted:
  9. Mr T

    Medium tech

    How long has the tank been running? Have you added any new hardscpae recently? Could there be a possibility of copper contamination, as this is lethal to inverts. When doing water changes are you using a suitable de-chlorinator / heavy metal neutraliser? Do you have any other livestock in the...
  10. Mr T

    Reoccurring Flow Problems = surface scum and algae

    Could a small powerhead be hidden behind the rock? I have 3 koralia's in my Osaka tank and you can't see any of them as the are hidden behind the hardscape.
  11. Mr T

    Fluval canister filter owners - top tip

    Just did some maintenance on one of my Fluval 305 canister filters. I needed to change some of the foam pads as they where particularly old and clogged. Now Fluval 205 / 305 foam comes as a twin pack and is about £8 at my local stores. However I noticed that these same shops sell Fluval 4 plus...
  12. Mr T

    Internet Shops

    Name : City Aquatics Cardiff URL : http://www.cityaquaticscardiff.co.uk/store/ Shop Location : Unit 11 Gripoly Mills Retail Park, Sloper Road Cardiff CF11 8AA tel : 02920 343444 General tank hardware and aquariums. Excellent prices for Koralia's. Nice fast delivery. After ordering...
  13. Mr T

    Internet Shops

    Hi all, I know we have an area by area list but after my experience with an online retailer recently and after consulting with the great Mr. Farmer I thought I'd start a thread just for online retailers. Hopefully others can recommend their experiences with online shopping. I'll start it off...
  14. Mr T

    urgent help needed please eheim 2236

    Hi, I can recommend Charterhouse Aquatics for Eheim spares. I've added a link below to your model on their site. I used them myself when I broke a head adapter on my 2026. Delivery is nice and fast too. Hope this helps...
  15. Mr T

    Eheim Automatic Liquidoser; anyone used it?

    I thoought about using these a while back. They cost 50 to 60 quid, even if you can find any for sale! In the end I went down the peristaltic pump route. See this entry for full info http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=10198. I have 2 installed on my tank and both have been running...
  16. Mr T

    Root tablets

    I have a few cherry and amano shirimps in the tank. As I understand it osmocote derives its nitrogen content from amonium nitrate. Is the amonia cause for concern or are the levels low enough to not be an issue or will the EcoComplete safely lock up any nasties?
  17. Mr T

    Root tablets

    Well, that told me. Suppose your right. It's just that I have Eco complete as a substrate and I'm all to aware that it is a very low source of nutrients. One advantage to when you work offshore you have a lot of time at home to come up with hair brained ideas! Some are obviously better than...
  18. Mr T

    Flummoxed - James' All In One dosing help

    Pretty much as I thought. Thanks for that though. I'll give it a go and we'll see what happens! Tesco
  19. Mr T

    Root tablets

    Hmm, had an idea. :geek: How about using something like these http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/100-Empty-Gelatine-gelatin-capsules-self-fill-size-00-/290467716746?pt=UK_Health_Beauty_Natural_AlternativeTherapies&hash=item43a1399e8a and just filling with a dry fert mix? (Such as James' All In One, without...
  20. Mr T

    Root tablets

    Anyone know of a good source of cheap but worthwhile root tabs? I'm even up for a diy route if anyone knows of any good recipes. I have seen the one where you mix it with clay but am not keen on adding clay to my tank. I did see these on e-bay...
  21. Mr T

    Normal Sand

    Unfortunately Easycarbo isn't a fertilizer. Its just a source of carbon. It can be used instead of CO2 injection, or along side it as it has algaecidal properties. The main ingredient is Gluteraldehyde, which as a search on this forum will show, needs to be handled with care. I use it myself...
  22. Mr T

    Flummoxed - James' All In One dosing help

    Greetings folks, I could do with a little help. I currently use EasyLife Pro-Fito as my main fertilizer. (Mainly because I managed to lay my hands on a couple of liters of it few a very cheap price.) Due to my work and just for shear convenience this is dosed automatically at 6ml per day (see...
  23. Mr T

    Fiberglass tank

    Brilliant idea. You could make tanks of any shape and design with that technique. :D Love the roots design work too. :clap: I don't want to sound alarmist however, but being lucky enough to own a small river boat I know only too well that over time, fibreglass is not fully waterproof. Just...
  24. Mr T

    My venture into my new 760 ltr planted tank .

    Re: My venture into my new 760 ltr aquariam. This sounds a fantastic venture! Just wish I could see the pics, the firewall on board the ship (currently on a job in the North Sea) won't download the pictures! :x Still, It'll give me something to read (again!) when I get home! :lol: Thanks...
  25. Mr T

    Hydor Koralia Evolution (ETA?)

    Dunno if anyone has any experience of this outfit, City Aquatics Cardiff, but they have the new Evo's in stock and pricing seems pretty keen. Postage cost is low too. http://www.cityaquaticscardiff.co.uk/store/marine-products-29/circulation-pumps-236/koralia-circulation-pumps-38/ Tesco
  26. Mr T

    Glutaraldehyde - Other names and uses

    Now, I don't wish to start a heated thread but have been doing some reading on our old friend Glutaraldehyde (main ingredient used in liquid carbon sources). It seems to lurk in a variety of names, including the following: glutaraldehyde glutardialdehyde 1,3-diformylpropane glutaral...
  27. Mr T

    Mmmmmm! Cake!

    I Celebrated a birthday recently. My Mum's a dab hand in the baking department and my Dad's got quite an artistic flair, this was the result. Thought I'd share their efforts with a few fishy (& plant!) fanatics.Tastes pretty damn good too! I particularly liked the "sand" substrate! :D Tesco
  28. Mr T

    The cruel sea.....

    Thought I'd share what the marine world can be like for us offshore workers (I work on seismic survey vessels). Just managed to capture this biggun that we ploughed through when I was working on the Vigilant off Norway a few months back. It was blowing a force 9 - 10 at the time. A few hours...
  29. Mr T

    Is it just me.....?

    I use a little free program called CCleaner to remove temp internet files unwanted cookies etc. Some cookies (such as the one for this site!) are useful however. Under options - cookies it gives you a function that allows you to decide which ones to keep. I found that the easiest way to set this...
  30. Mr T

    Is this guy bonkers?!

    Incidently he hasn't posted anything since October last year, perhaps he tried it and wound up dead, or at least unable to type! Tesco
  31. Mr T

    Is this guy bonkers?!

    True. Tasting Excel or any source of liquid carbon (Gluteraldehyde and all of its associated isomers) is just sheer lunacy. Maybe he drumk to much hence his maple syrup idea! Tesco
  32. Mr T

    Is this guy bonkers?!

    Doing some general reading on the web, as you do. Stumbled accross this in another forum. Check out the 7th post. Is he just nuts or actually on to something?! :jawdrop http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/equipment/47553-pmfed-poor-mans-flourish-excel-drops.html Tesco
  33. Mr T

    Easycarbo Short term fix or not?

    I remember reading somewhere (buggered if I can find it now, typical! :x ) that its broken down by the plants into a useable form of carbon. Over the space of 24 hours it breaks down anyway (exposure to light?) so it does not accumulate in the tank. Anyone please feel free to correct me if I'm...
  34. Mr T

    Easycarbo Short term fix or not?

    Might be worth keeping the easycarbo though (well out of the wee ones reach of course) as it's great for spot dosing algae, should you ever get any! Tesco
  35. Mr T

    Easycarbo Short term fix or not?

    I don't think that the concentrations used in an aquarium and the volumes used should pose any real health risks (just think of all the junk you inhale walking down a busy road!). But I understand your concerns, and lets face it your kiddies long term health is far more important than any...
  36. Mr T

    HEEDTA micro on ebay

    Cool beans, Let us know what you think when they arrive / have been tested! Tesco
  37. Mr T

    Easycarbo Short term fix or not?

    Hi, I've been using AE aqua carbon as the sole source of carbon since setting up my tank. CO2 isn't really practical for me as I'm away quite a lot and dose this via peristaltic pump (see journal entry http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=10198 for more details) In my 260l tank I dose...
  38. Mr T

    Auto Dosing EI with a dosing pump (diagram and calculations)

    Re: Auto Dosing EI with a dosing pump (diagram and calculati I can vouch somewhat for the Williamson pumps. Been using these http://www.williamson-shop.co.uk/aquadoser-cased-230vac-pumps-5551-p.asp for a couple of months now with no problems. More details can be found in my journal entry here...
  39. Mr T

    HEEDTA micro on ebay

    Hi James, Waht do you reckon to the root tabs they have on sale? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/30-ROOT-FERTILIZER-BALLS-for-aquarium-plants_W0QQitemZ170452260907QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Pet_Supplies_Fish?hash=item27afbf182b Price seems good, I want something to supplement my eco complete substrate with...
  40. Mr T

    Can I "add" to an all in one fertilizer?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply! I already have my liquid carbon source delivered via a dosing pump (10 ml per day in 260l tank). I may increase the dosage slightly but am wary of overdosing, mainly due to the possible detriment to my shrimp and vallis. I am considering mixing my own carbon...
  41. Mr T

    Can I "add" to an all in one fertilizer?

    Excellent, thanks Clive. :clap: I should have pointed out that I am using a 70 / 30 split of RO to tap water. The water where I live is pretty poxy and its so hard Mike Tyson considered using it as a sparing partner. I have to de-scale the kettle weekly. Sinks, taps and shower heads have to be...
  42. Mr T

    Can I "add" to an all in one fertilizer?

    Crikey, have I stumped everyone on this? :lol: Tesco
  43. Mr T

    Osaka 260 Mish Mash

    How long ago was that? I seem to remember hearing that before and being asked if I was related in any way. Sadly not! Not for the want of searching though, my family historicaly comes from SE London & Kent, not far from the first store so there must be a link somewhere! Tesco
  44. Mr T

    Where do you have yours?

    In the lounge where I can lay on the sofa and admire it! Tesco
  45. Mr T

    Osaka 260 Mish Mash

    That’s the fellas. Mine have silicon tubing of 1.6mm diameter and are the 100 series fixed speed 30rpm 230v pumps. Mine are mounted upright (see pictures above); I think that they are designed to run like this. I'm not sure if they would function so consistently if laid down. They come with a...
  46. Mr T

    Can I "add" to an all in one fertilizer?

    On my Osaka tank (see journal entry http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=10198) I currently dose 10ml of AE Aqua carbon and 4ml of EasyLife Profito daily. I have been reading up on the whole DIY dry ferts thing and think that may be the way to go in the future (specifically James C's DIY...
  47. Mr T

    what car are we driving?

    My monster. 5.0L 32 valve planet killer just over 120K on the clock. A fair weather cruiser. The 'lil go cart. 698cc turbocharged engine. 55mpg, 6 speed tiptronic. Nearly 90K on the clock. Owned it since new and used to commute almost 100 miles a day in it! Only just had to replace the front...
  48. Mr T

    What/who are you listening too?

    Kerrang! Radio via freeview (channel 722), hooked up to 2 Yamaha amps running to Mission m34i floorstanders and 2 Wharfdale 100W subs Why would you listen to anything else? (yes I'm detached!) Tesco
  49. Mr T

    How do you sort out EI when you go on holidays?

    Just added some more on the pumps I use in my journal. Tesco
  50. Mr T

    Osaka 260 Mish Mash

    I would also add that these particular pumps are of the higher quality 4 roller type unlike sme other specific aquarium dosers I have seen. Also, I sent several e-mails and had a couple of phone calls to Wiliamson and found them to be both very helpful and prompt in all their correspondance...
  51. Mr T

    Osaka 260 Mish Mash

    Thanks for all the kind words folks. I forgot to add last night that due to the tank being open evaporation can be a bit of an issue. To combat this I went to local sign makers with some dimensions and had a 2 piece perspex cover made. This sits on some little perspex blocks that I siliconed to...
  52. Mr T

    How do you sort out EI when you go on holidays?

    Have a quick read of the journal I posted last night. http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=10198 I'm often away for months and have been keeping fish successfully for nearly a decade. I recently set up a planted tank and it's mostly automated to alleviate such worries. I belive however...
  53. Mr T

    Osaka 260 Mish Mash

    Ok, here goes! Quick note to George Farmer before I begin. Hi dude Tesco here, how’s things? This is all your fault and I hold you responsible for all this expense! Well after spending a few weeks with the infamous Mr Farmer out in Afghanistan (I used to be in the RAF myself until a few...
  54. Mr T

    Peristaltic Pumps DIY or these...

    Right, first post so here we go (note to George Farmer, yep its me mate, yer old pal Tesco). I would like to automate fert dosing to my 260l tank and was looking at the various peristaltic pumps available (on e-bay etc) when I came across Williamson Pumps Ltd. They make a range of these but...