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    CBRO's First attempt at a planted tank.

    Your shrimps may appear fewer in number cos they are hiding in all the lush plant growth - probably keep looking :crazy:
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    CBRO's First attempt at a planted tank.

    Hi CBro, Just read your journal and looked at the pics. Good close ups - like the snail eggs :) . Please post a close up or side shot of your filter assembly. My bubble -bee shrimps keep hiding ,perhaps the red variety as you have, are...
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    Rise of the Mossoliths

    Like your supervisor :lol: - like your tank Malbros
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    Laputa - Tbro's Nano

    Hi Tbro - The nano tank is looking really good - getting a mature look about it. malbros :D [/size]
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    Osaka overhaul

    Hi TBRO - the tank is looking better and better - my bylxa is just melting away :shock: but the small shoal of 6 Green Neons from TGM have settled and appear more interesting than cardinals. Well done with the tank. Mal