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    Bulk plant purchase fleabay

    To be quite honest with you be very careful buying off of ebay as most of these deal are mainly non-aquatic plants. Try the link http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/aquarium-plants-mixed-boxes-of-potted-plants-c-255_500.html
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    Purchasing plants online

    I have used watermarque on ebay "great service" and good value for money.
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    recommend a co2 reg for 2 inlines

    On this regulator u can adjust the bar. http://www.co2art.co.uk/collections/dual-stage-regulators/products/aquarium-co2-dual-stage-regulator-and-solenoid-magnetic-valve. Great value
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    Size on fx5 o ring?

    Looks like they are 28MM. Please see the attached link : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fluval-FX5-FX6-Top-Cover-Click-Fit-Sealing-Ring-per-2-A20212-O-Gasket-Rubber-/300926607437?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Fish&hash=item46109fa04d#ht_2494wt_1190
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    Hello from South Coast!

    Hi and welcome aboad
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    Hello from Chesterfield

    Hi Dave, welcome aboard.
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    Apologies from Dean

    Welcome back! I hope u feel better, as other members have mentioned we are looking forward to see your planned tanks
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    Tomorrow change over filter

    So that said do u suggest to use the balls out of the aquamanta?
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    Tomorrow change over filter

    Hi, Tomorrow I am changing my filter over from a Aquamanta EFX 600 to 2 Eheim 600's. In the aquamanta they have bio balls and the necessary media. Do I just swap it all over. And just fill the baskets half up For the Eheim filters is it ok to use the balls rather than the cylinder plastic...
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    Flow direction

    The reason why I would say is because you could effect the flow of the red spray bar. What you could do is shorten the red spray bar to half of the tank and the other half you could use the blue spray bar as in your diagrams. Therefore you will have the same direction of flow. You will not be...
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    ID this algae please

    Could it be the starting of BBA?
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    My New Tank 80x30x45h

    Welcome very impressive. When u get to 25 posts u have a chance of a for sale/swap/wanted section.
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    Hi from SE London

    Hello and welcome aboard. I look forward to see a saltwater planted aquarium
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    Input/ Output nozzle placement.

    You first option is best, but could i suggest the the powerhead is point in the same direction as the putput.
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    Windyhead's "Introduction"

    What a great scape you made here. I am glad to have viewed this
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    I think I've made a bad mistake

    Sorry to be a pain another question. Does anybody know how long the nutrients last for that they say it stores
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    I think I've made a bad mistake

    Thanks for your replies. I really thought that tomorrow I would have to clear it out and replace it with gravel. Much appreciated for your replies
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    I think I've made a bad mistake

    I have used a total of 5 bags of JBL Manado bags of substrate. Please could u all let me know if I have made a bad mistake or not? Sorry it may seem to be a stupid question. Also can you advise me on water changes etc as this seems to pick up so easy
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    Diy spray bar! I need help!

    Could it be the burr in the middle of the spray bar? Just a suggestion as I have never made a DIY spray bar myself.
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    Aquamanta efx 600 overkill

    Just a word of advice that the size of the hose for this type of filter is 32 MM, also it is heavy to move about once filled with media and water.
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    Looking for guidance

    Point taken. I have just looked at that filter and that is some filter.
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    Looking for guidance

    Or how about 2 of these http://fishkeeper.co.uk/product/aquamanta-efx-1500-external-filter I don't know the size of the pipes though. I hope that this helps!
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    Looking for guidance

    Here's a picture of the instruction manual for efx 600
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    Looking for guidance

    Be careful with the Aquamanta EFX 600. The inlet and outlet pipes are 32 MM. Just for Information
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    New to Co2

    Hi there, I have just spent a few hours on the tank this evening and these are some of my pictures to update. That's all for the time being but please let me have comments. Thank you
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    Done and as Viv says good luck with your degree
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    New to Co2

    Many thanks for your time here I will be tidying the tank up over this weekend ready foe the new power head etc. Thank you for your advice though.
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    New to Co2

    I know it needs to get lighter but it is getting there! Once I get the power head etc I will give everything a clean up and start over.
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    New to Co2

    Just a test
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    New to Co2

    Hi there again. I have just ordered TMC AquaGro Compact CO2 Diffuser 25mm from aqua essentials together with the replacement diffuser disks. Once I put this in I will upload pictures. Thanks for your help Big clown
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    New to Co2

    Hi sorry for the late response. Basically I have purchased a power head and also the spraybar last night off of ebay. I will set my tank up like your friend Dan. But I was just wondering what glass diffuser I would need for my size tank. Thanks once again
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    New to Co2

    Many thanks once again for your response. At present I have been looking at different diffusers. Can u suggest 1 for my tank? Thanks for your help
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    New to Co2

    Tell a lie I have just ordered one of these ebay no 261286020893. But I still need to know where to place it. Thanks
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    New to Co2

    Thanks for your help here. Right so if I get one of these MaxiJet Powerhead 1200 and a co2 glass diffuser and do away with the jbl diffuser as shown where should I place the spray bar? If I place this along the back of the tank, I have a feeling that this will disrupt the flow of the filter...
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    New to Co2

    Sorry to be a pain the hoses are 32 mm I have just had a look at the instruction booklet
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    New to Co2

    The external filter is a aquamanta efx 600 and the flow rate on this is 2700 liters per hour and have a koralia 2100 that makes 4800 liters per hour. I do have a jbl 2 kg bottle. How long will that last for? The pipe work on this filter is bigger than 18/22 that it is on the eheim filters so I...
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    New to Co2

    Hi there, This is how fast my Co2 has been turned up to. This has only just been turned up to this. Should I see the drop checker to green By the way the tank size is 48length x24hight x18width. Thanks
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    Hi from Cape Town, South Africa

    Hi and welcome abroad
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    New to Co2

    Many thanks for your reply. There has been a slight change from blue to dark green but it has yet to change to light green. I don't have a ph pen. The co2 system that I am running is jbl. I am adding this via the pro flora diffuser The pump that I have got is the aquamanta epx 600 The drop...
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    New to Co2

    Hi there, I come from north kent not far from swallow aquatics. Can anybody help me out here My Co2 is running from 1pm til 9pm and my lights come on at 3pm and go off at 10pm Your help would be greatly be appreciated. Basically I have been running the Co2 like this now for 2 days and the...