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  1. glenn

    Aquatic Magic has malicious software???

    hi, just been on Aquatic Magic and my browser bought up a warning message saying its a site that has been reported as an attack site :?: :?: just thought i would let others know incase you dont get warning. :)
  2. glenn

    fissidens and liquid co2

    i have read that when liquid co2 is used with fissidens it has negative effects on it. im particularly interested in the effects on fissidens fontanus? can anyone confirm this? thanks.
  3. glenn

    open top tank condensation

    will an open top tank cause condensation in the room it is in... my mum thinks my tank is the reason for condensation on ALL the window in the whole house :? i suppose some water will evaporate slowly then condense on a cold surface but not to the point where it is noticable round the whole...
  4. glenn

    what does it mean?

    what does the "A-number" mean on the green macnines redmoor root wood eg "A16" :?
  5. glenn

    what is a high-tec aquarium

    hi, i was just wondering what a aquarium needs to be deemed 'high-tec' :?: thanks in advance! :)